Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential


Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential

Cordless vacuum cleaners and scrubber dryers

Hassle-free cleaning

The stylish Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential low-profile vacuum cleaner is a laborious cleaning device that starts at the touch of a button and can be controlled from your smartphone.

Versatile and economical, the robot cleans and mops floors by itself, avoiding any obstacles.

Once cleaning is complete, the robot automatically returns to the docking station

In addition to absorbing dust, Mi Mop Essential cleans floors with a removable mop.

The Mop Essential has a 200ml water tank.

Versatile cleaning

The Xiaomi Mop Essential robot also removes dirt, dust and pet hair from carpets. The dust container of the cleaning robot with 2200 Pa suction power has a capacity of 420ml. Thanks to advanced sensors, the vacuum cleaner can move automatically. Mi Mop Essential can avoid obstacles with delicate touches without moving even very light objects.

This makes it easy to use the vacuum cleaner.

Three-level HEPA filter

The three-level HEPA filter in the robot filters the air from almost all allergens, including pollen and mold. This will help keep your home clean and fresh. The filter is washable, so there is no need to change it often.

Easily identify cleaning areas

Using the smartphone application, you can define the areas that the automatic vacuum cleaner should not reach. With the app you can define both individual parts of a room and entire rooms. Thanks to intelligent sensors, the robot does not fall from stairs or other edges. Mi Mop Essential can cover edges of carpet, cables and other elevations up to 1.7cm. This allows the robot to move comfortably from one room to another.

Job monitoring and customization with applications

Using sensors, the vacuum cleaner draws a map of the surrounding environment.

It knows its exact location and creates an effective cleaning path for itself, which can be tracked via an app on your smartphone. The smartphone application allows for versatile control and monitoring when cleaning the robot and can be used to set and automate cleaning times.

Powerful battery and quiet operation

The powerful battery of the robot allows you to clean up to 90 m2. The vacuum cleaner can also be recharged during the cleaning process and will continue cleaning afterwards. Mi Mop Essential is quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner. It is also suitable for cleaning large apartments and small offices.

Easy maintenance

The Mop Essential vacuum cleaner is easy to maintain. It is easy to empty and requires no dust bags. In addition, the HEPA filter can be rinsed with clean water. Hair and other trapped dirt can be easily removed by the vacuum cleaner.

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