Tuya Smart Bluetooth Robot Motor For Curtains Set 2 Pieces


Makes your curtains smart in just 30 seconds

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Tuya Smart Bluetooth Robot Curtain Opener 2 Pieces Double Opening for Straight Runway and Curved Runway

Make your curtains smart in seconds with no screws, nails or bolts.

Intelligent curtain control

Imagine being able to control the curtains in your home by lying lazily in bed. Thanks to our clever

curtain opener robot can open and close curtains regularly, live smartly and create a suitable sleeping environment.

Easy installation

This curtain motor is easy to install. You just need to disassemble one side of the engine,

snap into the curtain track and join together to complete the installation. (Before installation connect it with tuya app)

Comfortable life

With this curtain motor, you no longer need to pull the curtains by hand, you can open and close the curtains

only through app control, if you want to remotely control, you need to use a bluetooth gateway .

You can set the time for the smart curtain robot to automatically open and close through

the Tuya Smart or Smartlife APP , and control the curtain to open or close completely.

Voice control and timing

The curtain motor supports voice control and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant .

You just need to speak a simple command to control the opening and closing of the curtain.

In addition, it is possible to set the opening / closing cycle, such as automatic opening

during the day, and automatic closing at night.

Brightness and temperature sensor

the curtain motor has an integrated light and temperature sensor.

When the brightness is greater than the set value, the curtain will automatically close to help you resist strong sunlight

When the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the curtain will automatically close to maintain a cool internal temperature.

Very comfortable, you no longer have to worry about the sun shining out.

Healthy lifestyle

Set the timer to close at night and open via the light sensor, sleep better and wake up naturally in the sun.

The light sensor helps save energy by reducing the workload on air conditioning and heating.

It fits any type of curtain track

Whatever type of curtain rail you are using at home, we generally have something that can fit.

Whether it 's U-shaped or I-shaped . Make sure you select the right rail type when purchasing and measure

the size of your curtain track so that the Robot can work on your curtains smoothly.

Long duration

Our smart curtain opener has built-in 4000mAh lithium battery and supports 5V / 1A / Type-c interface charging.

If it is open / closed twice a day, the working hours are 6 months. Long lasting power, worry free life.

Tiny body with great power

The tent can push up to 8 kg (17 lbs) of the tent.

Double opening support

the curtain motor supports a double opening.

NB: For a correct functioning it is necessary to purchase a BLUETOOTH GATEWAY

Template Tuya Smart Bluetooth Smart Curtain Robot Motor
Diet 5V
Battery capacity 4000mA lithium battery
Standby power consumption 600uA
Reload 5V / 1A / Type-c
Connection Bluetooth
Suitable for curtain Straight track and curved track
Opening Double opening for Pista Stretta and Pista Curva
Distance the maximum learning distance is 20 meters
Work hours 6 months if opened / closed twice a day
Dimensions 65x51.6x112.8 mm

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