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  • 5-pin COB and SMD RGBW LED connector from Strip to 12mm Power Supply
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  • 5-pin Strip to Strip 12mm COB and SMD RGBW LED connector
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  • Tuya SPI Controller for Addressable RGB and RGBW Smart WiFi LEDs
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5-pin COB and SMD RGBW LED connector from Strip to 12mm Power Supply


Solderless Connector for COB and SMD RGBW LED Strips

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Connector with Power Cable for 5-pin COB and SMD RGBW LED Strips

The 12mm 4-pin COB and RGBW LED Strip Connector with Power Cable is an essential accessory for

optimize the LED lighting in your environment. Whether you are a lighting expert or a beginner, this

connector dramatically simplifies the installation process, ensuring a secure and reliable connection without

the need for complex welding. Ideal for a wide range of applications , this connector is designed to

allow a quick and effortless connection between the RGBW LED strips and the power cable. Thanks to his

intelligent construction and the robustness of the materials used, this connector offers a durable and

reliable for creating new power points without the hassle of soldering. With our RGBW quick connector,

you can easily and hassle-free mount as many LED strips as you like, offering you the flexibility you need

to adapt to your lighting needs. Simplify your lighting project with the Wired Connector from

Power supply, ensuring a safe and stable connection for flawless lighting in every situation.

Easy to use

Our Power Cable Connector makes connecting LED strips a breeze

extremely simple and fast. Compatible with 5V, 12V and 24V DC strips and wide COB chips

of 12 mm, this connector eliminates the need for complex soldering . Its versatile compatibility

and ease of use make it the perfect choice for any LED lighting project.

Stability and Resistance

The IP20 quick connector offers an efficient solution for connecting LED strips without the need for soldering.

Thanks to the attachment clips , you can make quick and secure connections in a few simple steps, ensuring

a stable and reliable connection. Additionally, the connector includes a 15cm cable designed specifically for

connecting the strips to our LED Controllers . This ensures perfect compatibility and connection

hassle-free, offering a complete, ready-to-use solution for your LED lighting projects.

Compatibility and Installation

Compatible with RGBW 12mm wide COB LED strips only, this connector is perfect for your application

on aluminum profiles. Its small size allows for easy installation even in the most difficult places

difficult to reach, ensuring a stable and durable connection .

Compatible with:

COB RGBCW LED Strip with 896 LEDs per Meter DC24V 5 Meters

Main characteristics of the connector:

  • Compatible with COB and SMD LED strips with 12mm PCB width
  • For RGBW LED tapes
  • Stable and durable connection via clamp
  • The small size allows installation in hard-to-reach places
  • High current carrying capacity (up to 6 A)
  • Perfect for use on aluminum profiles

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Working temperature
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Suitable for LEDs
Operating Voltage
DC5V, 12V, 24V
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