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Tuya Smart WiFi Dream Color RGBIC Led Strip Kit


the latest RGB LED light technology

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Tuya Smart WiFi RGBIC Dream Color Top Led Strip Kit with IR Remote Control

See colors constantly chasing or flowing like a rainbow .

Say goodbye to boring RGB solid color lighting.

Lighting is the first choice in creating a smart home and beyond simple light bulbs

there are also other solutions such as smart light strips, which are not just an accessory

or common in the gamer field to create a soft color game atmosphere.

RGBIC version which is built with the latest light display technology indeed features an advanced chip

IC (independent control) which makes multiple colors showing on a light strip simultaneously.

This unique chip allows independent control of the LED module and displays multiple colors on one line,

that is to be able to choose to set different segments of the strip to different colors, adjust the brightness and more.

RGB rainbow effect

With built-in unique IC chip, the led music lights can display multi-colors at the same time

like a rainbow. Instantly transform your space with vibrant lighting.

The ultra-bright 5050 LEDs and 16 million colors make any décor a breeze.

Remote functionality

Control your strip using the included wide IR remote , Music function with external microphone.

Updated app function

The new Chase and Crossroads scene modes show more animated lighting effects, amplifying the atmosphere

for the effortless party. + Tuya Smart or Smart Life app gives you a better experience through

other 9 scene modes and functions such as Timing, Wake up and Sleeping.

Treat yourself to a welcoming environment

The 5m and 10m strip light is long enough to decorate your kitchen counter.

High flexibility makes it a breeze to set up corners.

Have a great meal and fine wines in a relaxing environment.

Party time?

Turn on the music when the party starts. Dance with your friends in dynamic lighting modes and vibrant colors.

An excellent strip light to light up the party.

Using LED lights instead of traditional lights has the following advantages :

Energy consumption

One of the biggest benefits of using LED lights is efficient power consumption. Not just use

less energy to work, but the power to light conversion is also relatively high.

Greater security

As mentioned, LED lights convert a significant amount of energy into lighting instead of heat.

This means that LED lights are less dangerous than most regular lights.

Longer Operating Life 5050 type LED bulbs are sturdier than ordinary LEDs.

Unlike ordinary lights which burn out when they have reached the end of their operating life,

the LEDs slowly dim, making them still usable even if less efficient.

The average operating life of ordinary fluorescent lights can be up to 20,000 hours, while LEDs can last an average of 50,000 hours .


One of the most obvious benefits of using LED strip lights is that they are quite easy to retrofit

to any room design. They can be folded, their colors adjusted and shortened as needed.

This ease of customization makes them a must-have for anyone looking for custom setups

lighting that will enhance the ambiance of an area.

What is RGBIC?

the latest light display technology of RGB, it is equipped with an IC (Independent Control) chip

advanced that allows multiple colors to be displayed simultaneously on a light strip.

The smart RGBIC LED strip from can display multiple colors at the same time.

With smart led strips, we will surely feel better to decorate our home.

Superiority RGBIC Smart IC Chip

Independently control the LED module and display multiple colors in one line at the same time.

Segmented color control

Customize the color and brightness for each segment.

Advanced music mode

The ultra-sensitive microphone syncs easily to any type of music.

Select music mode on Tuya Smart or Smart Life app, the built-in sensitive microphone

of the smart LED strip, the LED strip will change color and brightness according to various music beats.

Fantastic light effects

Creative mode gives you complete control over your vibe.

See the colors constantly chasing or flowing like a rainbow.

Say goodbye to boring RGB solid color lighting.

Simple installation

Hold the light strip securely in place with the supplied adhesives, screws and clips.

Up to 10m app control distance by connection or just pressing the control box at your fingertips.

The led light strip is ideal for room, kitchen, party, Christmas , etc...

PST-RGBIC05 (3).jpg

Product Details

Data sheet

DC12V 2.5A
Tuya IR/WiFi Control Magic Color RGB-IC Strip Kit
RGBIC 16 Million Colors
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
Protection class
5 and 10 meters
luminous flux
LED type
Number of LEDs
30 leds/m

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