Sonoff PIR2


WiFi Motion Sensor

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SONOFF PIR2 is a motion sensor for intrusion detection.

The motion detector detects human movements and any presence and sends an alarm message to your phone, compatible with SONOFF RF Bridge 433

Wifi motion sensor with dual infrared technology + artificial intelligence + triple mirror in addition to dual temperature compensation technology.

Designed to work in a precise and long-lasting way, it connects to the Sonoff RF Bridge 433 control unit available in our catalog.

When the alarm is set, the sensor detects movement within the room and immediately sends an alarm notification to your mobile phone. The sensor does not require power cables, in fact it is powered by two AA batteries.

Thanks to its low consumption, the batteries can last up to one year.

Dual infrared Ultra low power microprocessor Dual temperature compensation technology Robust and durable, suitable for homes, offices, sheds, garages, etc. Easy installation and setup, wall mount

Features :

Double infrared

Very low power microprocessors

Double temperature compensation technology

Sturdy and durable, suitable for homes, offices, sheds, garages etc.

Easy to install on the wall



433 .92 MHz remote transmission: 150m (open)

Voltage: 3V (2 * AA)

Standby current: ≤9μA

Alarm current: ≤10mA

Wireless frequency: 433.92MHz

Wireless transmission code: 1527MHz (default)

Detection distance: 12m @ 25 ℃

Detection angle: 110 degrees

Maximum coverage area: 12m * 12m

Alarm light: on for 3 seconds

Work environment: indoor

Tamper switch: normally closed

Anti-white light intensity: 10000 Lux

Product size: 120 * 62 * 46mm

Weight: 120 g

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