Sonoff TH16 + AM2301


WiFi Smart Switch with temperature and humidity sensor

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Sonoff TH16 Smart WiFi Switch + Temperature and humidity sensor

Sonoff TH16 is a WiFi switch with the AM2301 external temperature and humidity sensor, it can switch the connected electrical load on and off in two alternating modes:

remotely on a smartphone using the eWeLink app or by voice using Alexa and Google Home

or automatically based on the temperature and humidity values measured by the connected sensor AM2301.

Sonoff AM2301 is an analogue temperature and humidity sensor with a resistive and capacitive output signal.

As the name indicates, the Sonoff TH temperature and humidity monitoring device supports two power supply specifications of maximum current: 15A.

Sonoff TH16 WiFi supports preselection of temperature or humidity range.

When the temperature or humidity of the home environment falls within the range, it will automatically turn on or off the connected devices, thanks to the Sonoff TH16 and its AM2301 sensor capable of monitoring the temperature and humidity.

The sensor must be connected to the smart switch before power on.

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