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Sonoff is the family of products that make our home a home automation .

The Sonoff switch is a switch capable of making any type of appliance smart, from the washing machine to the TV to the food processor.

It is intuitively applied on the same power cable as the device in question, connecting it directly to the Internet through WiFi technology.

For this reason it is also compatible with the brand new Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants, which makes it controllable comfortably through the use of voice via smartphone, without distinction between Android and iPhone.

Efficiency and Energy Saving : It is possible to manage and control the various devices, program the various functions even when you are not at home, guaranteeing energy savings.

Safety : Thanks to a home automation system, fires, gas leaks or possible intrusions can be avoided.

Comfort : It is possible to monitor the different devices and adjust some parameters according to your needs via smartphone, tablet, app or special remote controls.

Functionality and flexibility : Home automation is accessible and easy to use for all ages, and new features can be added over time as needed.

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