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Shelly is the brand that includes all the devices related to the world of home automation belonging to the Allterco Robotics group, based in Bulgaria, a leading company in the electronics and automation sector.

For some years it has already been on the market with many devices able to offer, especially to newbies in the sector, the possibility of deepening the world of home automation thanks to cheap devices but with an excellent hardware base and above all software, complete with a dedicated App. (Android and Apple) and Cloud service, both free.

All the new models have a SOC ESP32 processor, Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connectivity and Wi-Fi, and the Pro devices also have an RJ45 port on board for a more secure and performing Ethernet connection than wireless.

Shelly has revolutionized the world of home automation : focusing on the needs of both plug & play and enthusiast or power users, it has created a range of products with great versatility, such as to allow the integration of Shelly products within home automation systems and automation systems such as Home Assistant or Tasker

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