Mi Smart T500 Spazzolino Elettrico


Smart Electric Toothbrush

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Mi Smart T500 Electric Toothbrush

Xiaomi Mi Smart Eletric T500 Toothbrush is a smart sonic toothbrush that will help you easily keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

The toothbrush has a DuPont certified head, which allows you to mount up to 40% more bristles on the head than traditional toothbrushes.

Mi Eletric Toothbrush T500 removes up to 7 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush, so healthier, whiter teeth are noticeable as early as 14 days after cleaning.Vibrations up to 31,000 rpm

The Xiaomi Mi Smart T500 toothbrush uses a second generation electric motor that delivers up to 31,000 revolutions per minute, while ensuring exceptionally thorough teeth cleaning.

The device checks the pressure level of the brush head on the plate, if the user presses the toothbrush too hard, the accessory automatically reduces the vibration force to avoid damage to the gums.

Three tooth brushing modes

Different modalities.

You can adjust the vibration intensity according to your needs.

Standard mode: High frequency vibrations for rapid removal of particles accumulated in the air. more suitable for daily work.

Gentle mode: With massage effect and slower action for extremely sensitive teeth. Ideal for use in the first week during the adaptation period.

The Xiaomi toothbrush uses a mobile application accessible on both Andriod and iOS smartphones. The app allows you to adjust the brushing modes according to your needs, as well as helping you in the complete care of the oral cavity and teaching you how to brush your teeth correctly.

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