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Tuya Smart WiFi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Navigation


Smart vacuum cleaner sucks and washes at 360°

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Tuya Smart WiFi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Navigation Washes and Aspirates

Our Tuya Smart Wifi Robot Vacuum Cleaner will allow you to keep the floors of yours clean

your home or business, saving you time and effort. It has a 150 minute battery ,

which allows it to cover areas of up to 200 square meters. It has a 600ml dust tank

and a 300ml water tank. It automatically loads into its base, performs cleaning and,

once the cleaning is complete, it automatically returns to its base making it totally autonomous .

Lasar Navigation System

This feature allows you to create an exact map of your home and be able to recognize all

types of objects or pets. It's basically a beam of laser light sent out by the robot

which bounces off objects and returns to a sensor . It allows you a precision that can measure

the space in 360º and to make a total capture of the distance at which the objects are located.

Z cleaning

Lidar navigation and Z-shaped cleaning path, a high-performance laser navigation system

Accurately spinning at 300rpm, it maps your home in real time while cleaning to shape

of Z guarantees maximum coverage of the floor.

Vacuum sweeps and washes

The robot vacuum cleaner and mop has 2600PA strong suction, which can easily

handle all types of garbage and is perfect of pet hair.

The vacuum cleaner has 2 rollers for sweeping at the same time, it also has 3 powers

of suction, which will allow you to do an excellent job.

Also in its washing mode, it has 3 levels of cleaning liquid, it even allows you to

put in flavorings so your floors smell good.

Completely autonomous

The robot vacuum cleaner can detect steps to avoid falling, it can also climb

on carpets and surfaces of all kinds. In case you have pets , he can dodge them and

continue with his work, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Smart routes

The vacuum cleaner displays the map of your home within the app and allows you to plan

intelligent routes to make cleaning efficient.

In case you want to select cleaning areas, you can do it from the app as well.

App control

Download the Tuya Smart or Smart Life APP and enjoy the smart vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to the real-time map of your home on the app,

the different rooms can be cleaned independently.

Automatic recharge

The robot returns to base automatically when the battery is low and once

once the recharge is complete, it resumes cleaning from where it left off.

Voice Control

Tuya cleaning robot can be controlled with your voice by Alexa , Google home .

You can control the machine via " Start cleaning " and "Stop cleaning".

Remote Control

Customize cleanings to suit your needs by choosing to clean only selected rooms or areas

or by setting a room-by-room cleaning, a deep cleaning or a cleaning with a zig-zag movement.

Different cleaning modes

With 5 cleaning modes , suitable for a variety of floors, to meet your different cleaning needs.

You can choose to clean a specific area or room, select an area where the robot does not

must clean or wash. You can also set up a virtual wall to make sure the robot doesn't walk through it.

It is also possible to program a time for automatic cleaning of the house.

Reach beds and sofas

Measuring only 9.8 tall, the bottom of most

beds and sofas can be cleaned effortlessly .

Silent drawing

The ultra-quiet design of the rechargeable smart vacuum cleaner under the

65 decibels makes the cleaning environment more comfortable.

Features and Functionality:

  • Battery of 150 minutes this allows you to cover areas up to 150 square meters
  • It has a 600ml dust tank and a 300ml water tank
  • It recharges automatically in its base
  • Once the cleaning is complete, it automatically returns to its base .
  • Laser navigation that creates a map of your home and thus recognizes all kinds of objects or pets
  • Detects steps to prevent falls
  • Vacuum, sweep and mop
  • Choose to clean any area of your home from the Tuya Smart or Smart Life App
  • Compatible with Android and iOS Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz
  • 5 Modes : Multi-Story Mapping, Invisible Wall, Forbidden Zones; Wet/Dry; Strong suction; Lidar navigation

Product Details

Data sheet

Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
working current
Item weight
Communication Protocol
Dust container: 800 ml - Water tank: 350 ml
Battery capacity
3200mAh Li-ion battery
Work hours
120-150 minutes
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