Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2


Impedance Digital Person Weighing Scale

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Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2,

a simple but extremely advanced impedance balance capable not only of weighing us to the hundredth of a gram, but of analyzing (in great detail) how we are composed.

Yes, because health does not only come from weight, but also and above all of what that weight is made up of.

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is a square-shaped impedance scale , made of plastic, glass and metal, with dimensions of 30 centimeters per side and 3 in height.

The upper part, in glass, contains four metal contacts that allow, thanks to imperceptible micro-currents, to measure the composition of the body of the person being analyzed.

Power is supplied by four AAA batteries (with an estimated life of one year); wireless connectivity is guaranteed by the Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) standard which allows (automatic) communication between its electronics and the smartphone / tablet to which it is associated.

Installation is pretty straightforward.

Once the association has been made, the app and the scale will assume that all the weighings are carried out on the same person; it is then sufficient to add a person to the profile of the app, have them weighed, so that the scale "recognizes" them at subsequent weighings.

The aforementioned apps save all the data collected - when and if authorized - at centralized ecosystems for health monitoring such as Apple Health (in the case of Apple iPhone / iPad) or those available on Android (such as Samsung Health , Huawei Health and many others). This is particularly useful because, for example, if you play sports, it is possible in a single environment to check the trend of the weight and other metrics collected by the bathroom scale with respect to the various sports activities.

Things get interesting when you do the first weigh, which must be done with the smartphone / tablet in the immediate vicinity of the bathroom scale.

The bathroom scale is able, through impedance measurement technologies , to collect a large amount of organic parameters, namely:

  • weight accurate to one hundredth of a kilo;
  • percentage of visceral fat;
  • body fat percentage;
  • percentage of water in the body;
  • percentage of protein in the body;
  • muscle mass, in kilos;
  • bone mass, in pounds;
  • BMI (body mass index);
  • Overall "score" of the body (expressed in hundredths);
  • body age (calculated based on readings);
  • basal metabolic rate expressed in calories (best calculated by weighing when you wake up)

All these data, as mentioned, land on the app chosen to associate the bathroom scale; most of them are ideal, if not vital, for monitoring any slimming / fattening diets or in any case to monitor the progress of their tax status. Interesting, in fact, is not only the data itself provided by Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2, but also the trend analyzes that are offered by the app, which allow you to understand, over time, the trend of your health, even with respect to any anomalies on specific indicators.

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