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Tuya Smart WiFi 16 Zone Irrigation Controller


Intelligent Automatic Watering System

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Tuya 16 Zone Controller for Smart WiFi and Bluetooth irrigation automation

The Wi-Fi enabled 16-zone smart sprinkler controller allows for watering schedules

customizable according to the specific needs of your garden . Ensures adequate supply

water regardless of the landscape, creating a beautiful garden and reducing water bills .

Manage watering anytime, anywhere using the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app. Operate the system

watering, set programs and review upcoming watering plans conveniently from your smartphone.

Thanks to automatic weather integration , this intelligent irrigation system avoids

watering not necessary based on the latest local weather forecast.

Control up to 16 zones

With 16 independent control channels , it meets your different irrigation needs.

Whether it is a home garden or a professional field, it can handle everything with ease.

WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

Download the Tuya Smart or Smart Life App and connect the programmer to have control of your irrigation.

You can choose to connect via WiFi or Bluetooth , allowing remote control of your system

irrigation anytime, anywhere. Manage watering anytime, anywhere using the intuitive app.

Run your irrigation system , set schedules, and review upcoming watering plans from the comfort of your own

smartphones. It is not necessary to be on site, you will have everything at your fingertips.

Multiple settings

You can flexibly adjust the watering times and intensity for different areas,

meeting the specific needs of your garden or plants.

Smart Weather Forecast

The Tuya Smart app continuously monitors local weather conditions in real time.

According to climate changes, the intelligent controller will automatically adjust the schedule

of watering, ensuring that your plants constantly receive the best care .

Includes features like skipping watering in rain , wind, or freezing temperatures.

Color LCD screen

The device features a Color LCD Screen with sensitive touch buttons, which further simplifies operation

the programming and control process, if you do not want to use the APP .

Programming and Timers

Easily set scheduled on or off times, eliminating the hassle of worrying about watering.

The Smart WiFi Controller will automatically make your settings, saving you time and effort.

Customizable watering duration

Adapt the watering duration for each zone based on the specific needs of the different ones

plants, ensuring that each leaf receives the correct amount of water .

Share the Device

Support sharing device with your family, create a smart home together with family members.

Energy and Environmental Savings

The Tuya Controller contributes to energy saving and sustainable use of water, improving the efficiency of your

irrigation system and adapting to weather conditions in real time, saving you on costs.

Simple installation

Automatic installation is simplified, no special tools or professional knowledge is required. Choose one

outdoor location with Wi-Fi signal, connect your existing cables to our smart controller and complete the setup in the app.


Programmer for the automated irrigation of private gardens, residential areas, public spaces, sports fields.

Whether you have a small yard or a large agricultural area, it provides efficient and customizable irrigation solutions.

Product Details

Data sheet

AC 24V
Working temperature
da -10 a 60
Working humidity
5% - 95% non-condensing
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
15x14.9x3.2 mm
Communication Protocol
Communication Protocol
Bluetooth protocol
Irrigation Canals
Maximum 16
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