Xiaomi Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor


Mi Air compressor 2000 mAh

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Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor

Xiaomi Mi Air compressor 2000 mAh- bicycle pump

The practical Xiaomi Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor bicycle pump allows you to effectively and instantly inflate various tires, mattresses or wheels.

Automatic pressure regulation and cut-off of air supply ensure excellent results. Small portable pump.


  • Digital display
  • Automatic shutdown of pumping
  • Built-in battery
  • Compatible with multiple nozzles

Test the pressure before each ride

Uneven tire pressures can damage the tread and result in unnecessary costs and even lead to accidents.

With the Xiaomi air compressor, the tire pressure is always under strict control.

The device guarantees 5 x full inflation of car tires.

The inflation time of 1 tire is 6 minutes.

The pump does not require an external power supply, which makes it ideal even for longer runs. The device is also compatible with motorcycle tires.

The device allows perfect and automatic pumping of the balls and you can enjoy the game.

LED lighting and universal interface, and thanks to the micro-USB connector it is compatible with most smartphone chargers. Safe and robust construction

The body design dissipates heat and the shock washer eliminates cylinder vibrations and protects against battery damage, ensuring better device life.

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