Sonoff THS01 Temperature and Humidity Sensor


Temperature and humidity sensor

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SONOFF THS01 Wi-Fi temperature and humidity sensor

The digital temperature and humidity sensor with a calibrated digital signal output.

The sensor can be used with SONOFF TH ELITE and TH Origin to detect and measure temperature and humidity.

Adopt dedicated digital module acquisition technology and temperature and humidity sensing technology

to ensure that the sensor has very high reliability and excellent long-term stability.

Includes an integrated single-chip temperature and humidity sensor chip, which connects to a high-performance 8-bit MCU.

THS01 sensor has advantages such as excellent quality, ultra- fast response, anti-interference ability.

Wide monitoring range

Temperature measurement range -40 ℃ to +85 ℃ and humidity measurement range 0 to 100% RH.

RJ11 connector

The sensor connector has been upgraded to RJ11, supporting hot plug making the connection more stable and reliable


The waterproof temperature sensor is available for SONOFF TH ELITE and TH Origin to detect and measure temperature.

It can be extended up to 60M with the Sonoff RL560 extension cable with RJ11 Jack.


  • Relative humidity and temperature measurement
  • All digital outputs calibrated
  • Good long-term stability
  • No additional parts are needed
  • Very low energy consumption

Technical features

Template SONOFF THS01
Temperature measurement range –40 ℃ + 85 ° C
Moisture measurement range 0 - 100% RH Temp.
Connector RJ11 4P4C
weight 26 g
length 50 cm

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