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Tuya Wide Angle Ceiling Wireless PIR Motion Sensor


Wireless Motion Sensor for Alarm Systems

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Tuya 360° Wireless Ceiling PIR Motion Sensor for Alarm System

This is a high performance wireless ceiling motion detector that avoids white light and emissions

electromagnetic fields to avoid false alarms. It consists of a wireless transmission circuit that will be activated

in the event that an infrared detector is activated and accompanied by a lithium battery.

Wireless motion sensor with 360 degree view. Movement is detected in a circle with a fine diameter

to 6 meters, provided it is installed on a ceiling with a height of at least 3 meters.

One such sensor is able to fully control the entire room

The outer casing provides an elegant design and durability to the product.

Wireless motion sensor with 360 degree view

Movement is detected in a circle with a diameter of up to 8 meters, provided it is installed on a

ceiling with a height of at least 3 meters. One such sensor is able to fully control the entire room.

Approximately: one sensor can control up to 20-25 sq m.

Infrared wireless

The motion sensor responds to the presence and movement of infrared radiation.

Every person, animal emits infrared radiation from the body.

The sensor "sees" this point, "sees" its movement and gives an alarm command to the control panel.

The signal transmission frequency to the control panel is 433/315 MHz . This is the main frequency

used by wireless radio sensors. In case you need to further increase the system

of security with additional sensors , they will most likely be compatible with the equipment installed.


Once the detector is installed, connect the power so that it can send out a wireless signal if it is detected .

Do not touch the surface of the detector as its sensitivity may be affected. If you need to clean the detector ,

turn off the power and use alcohol to clean it, but don't clean the electronic part. To ensure its proper functioning

maintenance is required, checking the power supply to the detector and its connection to the control unit.

Compatible with our Alarm Systems . Live in Security with Expert4house


  • Avoid installing the detector outdoors, avoid pets, drafts or direct sunlight
  • The recommended installation height is between 2.4 and 3.6 meters from the ground
  • Choose a stable place to fix the base
  • Secure the bracket with the included screws
  • Rotate clockwise until it locks into place.

Product Details

Data sheet

LR06 battery
Working temperature
from -10°C to +50°C
Working humidity
5% - 95% non-condensing
working current
Item weight
Communication Protocol
RF 433MHz
Recommended Room Size
25 square meters
Detection range
6 x 6 Meters
Detection angle
Maximum Communication Distance
100 - 150 Meters in Open Spaces
Alarm current
All product reviews comply with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2161
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