Yeelight Smart Led Color Bulb 1SE


Xiaomi Yeelight RGB Smart Bulbs

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Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Led Color Bulb 1SE

Yeelight are the smart RGB bulbs that have made reliability, customization possibilities and competitive prices their strengths.

To set up the light bulb is really quick and easy. After downloading the Yeelight app on your smartphone you simply need to connect the light bulb to the mains and turn it on and off 5 times until you see different colors flash. At this point, just follow the steps on the screen to complete the configuration.

The bulb is really well built, with good plastic materials and gives a great sense of solidity and sturdiness. The design is captivating and will be perfect for those with modern furniture and on the lines of gray. On the inside there is an E27 socket, inside the body there are the sensors for the WiFi connection and the various operating circuits.

The 1SE bulb is able to reproduce 16 million colors and, thanks to the excellent functioning of the RGB LEDs, is able to reach a maximum lighting power of 650 lumens.

In addition to color management, it is possible to customize the tone of white by switching from the warmest to the coldest tones.

The overall lighting quality is really good. At maximum intensity it is possible to perfectly illuminate a medium-sized room, by adjusting the intensity and warmth of the white it is possible to set the right light for reading or watching TV.

The colors reproduced are bright and intense and give an excellent effect and are able to create a pleasant atmosphere inside our homes

Through the app it is possible to manage the various predefined settings to create an engaging atmosphere based on the occasion, event or time of day. In addition to this you can manage the shades of white, the customizable colors, the intensity of the lighting, the various effects and you can create a customized flow. The flow allows you to create a combination of 4 colors that are repeated in succession with speed and intensity that can be set as desired. The app is overall well made and allows you to better manage all the features of this accessory. Also via the app it is also possible to set the lighting with operation to the rhythm of music.

Once the light bulb has been correctly configured on the Yeelight app, it can also be configured on the voice assistants of Google, Amazon Alexa and Smart Things from Samsung . The operation with the various assistants is complete and allows you to use this useful accessory via voice commands in a simple and intuitive way.

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