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Tuya 6 Inch Multifunctional Intelligent Control Panel

Tuya-Smart Control Panel S8E

Centralized Control Panel Smart WiFi, Zigbee and bluetooth

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Tuya 6 Inch Smart WiFi, Zigbee and Ethernet Centralized Control Panel

A multipurpose functional panel with 6 inch touch screen and precise knob will operate smart devices

connected to the TUYA application, it will replace the ZigBee gateway and directly connect two lighting circuits in the room.

Our product is actually a zigbee gateway with touch screen panel which can connect and manage over 100

tuya smart devices, also support device control and scene interaction.

ZigBee gateway function

You won't need an additional ZigBee gateway thanks to the built-in feature that will replace your old one

ZigBee gateways. Plus, as the central point of the smart home, you'll have control over most of the

devices connected to the Tuya Smart or Smart Life application.

A good replacement for another Tuya ZigBee gateway at home, and directly use the control panel as a gateway to add

Tuya ZigBee devices in the smart control app, up to 100 ZigBee sub-devices available to add.

Ensure the unprecedented comfort of using smart devices

A unique solution from our offer, which intuitively will find itself in the role of a control panel for the

management of the entire smart home in any way using scenarios and controlling added devices.

In addition to the convenient operation of the panel via an intuitive touch screen, the device is

compatible with the TUYA ecosystem and the free Smart life application.

High quality HD screen

6 inch HD LCD , IPS, multi touch screen design, together with the automatic light sensor, which fits well for a modern lifestyle and

Clever , in-wall design is compatible with standard 503 wall boxes for simple installation in seconds.

Rotating External Button

The Smart Control Panel features a Rotary Knob switch , with a 1.2 LCD touch screen

inches, making it perfect for controlling the thermostat or dimming the two lights.

This rotary switch also makes scene and device selection easier and faster.

Choose smart scenarios

Adjust devices based on activity (on/off), weather, location as you enter or leave a room up

100 meters away, single and recurring schedules and event status of other smart devices.

Set up smart home scenes in the app and you can switch to scene modes with a tap on the screen.

No more wasting time opening the app and finding the specific device to boot.

Convenient and Fexible

The intuitive interface will allow you to change the settings in a very comfortable and flexible way.

The screen will display a clear preview of the devices and the status of any changes.

Each user will enjoy the incredible pleasure of using the product.

All changes in the house, regardless of rooms, will be available in one place.

All in One

For now, the Panel supports the following devices: Switches, lights, curtains, sockets, air conditioners, hangers, thermostats,

fresh air fans, door magnets, temperature and humidity sensors , PIR, gas alarm sensors, water sensors, SOS.

2 integrated relays

The model is designed in the Android system and has an input for two lighting circuits, which

they can control 2 room light switches locally for up to 200W each.

Lighting channels can be controlled as an additional built-in option or remotely from your phone .

Two external doors

RS485 and Ethernet, the option of connected Ethernet cable will override the WIFI communication

so that the device can continue to function on the network.

Built-in 1W Mono speaker

Users can customize local music source playback, optional online music sources.

Light sensor

Which automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the environment.

Build your smart home

The device works wirelessly with other peripheral devices and actuators in a so-called "cloud" environment.

It is possible to build an advanced control of home devices, an alarm or alarm system in a very way

simple, using other cooperating elements, you can create a smart dependency network using the application.

The functioning of the devices depends only on the creativity of the user.

The list of wireless system components is constantly being expanded in our offer.

Features and Functionality:

  • Bright and intuitive 6" IPS HD LCD touch screen
  • The panel connects to the network via 2.4GHz WiFi or Ethernet cable (does not support POE power supply)
  • Extremely Beautiful : Your wife will love the Smart Home control from the panel
  • On the panel you will see most of the Zigbee devices previously added to the TUYA Smart application
  • Add up to 100 ZigBee devices to the Panel gateway
  • The panel acts as a ZigBee gateway View the current time and weather on the Google weather panel
  • Option to change home screen style from many available presets
  • Quick access to 2 buttons on home screen
  • Configuration of additional basic devices available from the main screen after swiping up
  • Access to rooms and devices in each of the selected rooms throughout the house
  • Control of the thermostats from the panel
  • Reading data from sensors
  • Ability to select, enable/disable color change , brightness of LED lighting devices from the panel.
  • Quick access to ready-made TAP TO RUN scenarios from buttons on the panel


Product Details
Tuya-Smart Control Panel S8E

Data sheet

110-240V, 50/60Hzp
Working temperature
Working humidity
5% - 95% non-condensing
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
working current
Less than 250mA
Standby current
Below 50-65uA
Communication Protocol
Communication Protocol
Communication Protocol
Zigbee 3.0
Communication Protocol
Screen size
6 Inch TFT
Wifi protocol
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
PX30 Quad Core Cortex-A35
Operating system
Android 8.1
Languages Supported
Chinese, English and Russian
Ethernet port
Integrated (does not support POE)
RS485 port
All product reviews comply with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2161
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