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Tuya Human Presence Sensor with Brightness 2in1 Smart ZigBee


Human Presence Sensor with ZigBee Light Sensor

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Tuya 24 GHz Millimeter Wave Radar Human Presence Detection Sensor

Do you want to guarantee maximum security and automation in your home ? The Human Presence Detection Sensor

ZigBee Tuya is the perfect solution for you. This advanced sensor uses 24 GHz microwave technology to

Accurately detect human presence and improve the efficiency of your smart home . With its integration

perfect in the ZigBee ecosystem, this sensor offers real-time monitoring of human movement,

ensuring maximum protection for you and your family. Thanks to its radar technology , the sensor is capable of

detect even the smallest movements, providing an additional level of security. The innovative sensor design

Includes a magnetic mount that allows for easy positioning and adjustment , ensuring coverage

optimal throughout the home. Plus, with its compatibility with the Smart Life mobile app (Tuya), you can

control and monitor the sensor conveniently from your smartphone , wherever you are. Choose the Sensor

of Tuya ZigBee Human Presence Detection for a safer, smarter and more convenient home.

Security and Automation within Smartphone reach

Thanks to the control of the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app, managing your Human Motion Sensor is easier than ever.

With a simple tap on your smartphone, you can monitor and control the movement of the human body wherever you are.

This feature is ideal for meeting your security and automation needs, giving you the

peace of mind and complete control over your smart home . To maximize the functionality of your Sensor

Zigbee Millimeter Wave Radar Detection, you need to connect it to the Tuya Zigbee Hub . Once connected,

you will be able to receive instant notifications and create scenarios directly on your mobile device.

Automate your home with the Zigbee Intelligent Presence Sensor

Our Zigbee Smart Presence Sensor is the heart of your smart home. Thanks to its ability to

precisely detect human presence and body movement , this sensor integrates perfectly

with smart switches to create smart home scenarios. Imagine walking into a room and seeing

the light turns on automatically as the sensor detects your presence. And when you go out, the light goes out without it

that you have to lift a finger . It's the convenience of your ideal smart home. With its intelligent connection,

Our sensor can turn the light on or off in one second , ensuring efficient use of energy.

Advanced Technology for Precise Detection of the Human Body

The Human Body Presence Sensor uses cutting-edge mmWave radar technology to provide detection

precise and reliable. Thanks to the induction principle of Doppler radar, the sensor is able to detect not only movement

of the human body, but also the heartbeat , breathing and even micro-movements , ensuring safety

without compromises for your home. Furthermore, the sensor offers static recognition of the existence of the human body,

Based on 24G microwave technology. This allows it to detect even the most subtle movements, allowing the

sensor accurately position the human body even when it is static .

Wide and Reliable Detection Range

The Tuya presence sensor offers an extended and versatile detection range thanks to millimeter wave technology.

With a sensing distance of up to 6 meters and a 60 degree angle, you can be sure to cover a large area with one

single unit. Furthermore, with a sensing distance of 5 meters and an angle of 140 degrees , and a sensing distance

of 3 meters with a 180 degree angle, this sensor offers flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of your home.

8 Range Settings for Detection Area

The Smart Presence Sensor offers an exceptional level of flexibility thanks to its 8 area range settings

detection. With a detection range of 6 meters, you can customize the detection area according to your needs.

Innovative Design for Maximum Versatility and Comfort

The Radar Presence Sensor is designed with particular attention to practicality and versatility, thanks to its

360° swivel base and 45° folding base. With a magnetic mount that allows for tilt and rotation, you can

Easily adjust the sensor angle to fit your specific needs. The angle adjustment is

extremely comfortable and gives you full control over the detection direction.

Ultra-high sensitivity professional lighting chip.

Our Smart Presence Sensor is equipped with a very high sensitivity professional lighting chip,

designed to offer an unmatched lighting recognition range, ranging from 0 to 10000 lux.

Customizable times

Maximize the efficiency of your Presence Sensor thanks to the customizable time function. With the possibility

to set specific periods to detect the absence of human presence, you can optimize the operation of the sensor

to adapt it to your life rhythms. During these predefined periods, the sensor will pause reminders,

ensuring a more intelligent and targeted use of resources. However, if changes occur during these periods,

the sensor will activate promptly to keep your home safe and protected at all times .

Reliable Power for Continuous Security

The Presence Sensor is equipped with a wired power supply, which eliminates the need for frequent charging and ensures

continuous monitoring of home security . With this reliable power solution, you won't have to

worry about interruptions in sensor operation, ensuring constant protection for your home .

Features and Functionality:
  • 24 GHz millimeter wave radar sensor : detects human presence and absence, movement and direction of movement, object speed and detected distance.
  • Configurable detection range , detection sensitivity, trigger threshold, valid time for state change and installation environment.
  • Maximum range of human movement perception : 6 meters.
  • With scene recognition ability, it identifies human presence/absence and human activity status, output body movement range.
  • High immunity to interference : data output regardless of environmental influences such as temperature, humidity, noise, air flow, dust, light.
  • Stable power supply, the power of the radar module is less than 0.5 watts.

Product Details

Data sheet

Working temperature
Working humidity
5% - 95% non-condensing
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
50x50x26.6 mm
Communication Protocol
Zigbee 3.0
Detection range
Up to 6 meters
Detection angle
Illumination Range Detected
Radar frequency
24GHz millimeter waves
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