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Tuya Smart Zigbee Human Presence Sensor 5.8Ghz


High Precision mmWave Radar Detector

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Tuya Smart Zigbee Radar Human Presence Detector with Alarm Function

Explore advanced security with our Tuya Smart Zigbee Human Presence Detector device

cutting-edge technology that combines the precision of millimetric detection of people and intelligent control.

Designed to ensure precise and reliable detection, this sensor uses powerful Zigbee technology

for a seamless connection. With 5.8 GHz millimeter waves , it offers a

advanced security and an immediate response to any suspicious movement. Easy to install and

manage the Human Presence detector via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app

Smart Zigbee represents the pinnacle of intelligent security for your home or office.

Accurate human motion detection

This Zigbee radar sensor uses advanced 5.8GHz millimeter wave radar technology to

accurately detect if there are people in the area, whether they are moving or stationary .

Perfect for knowing when someone enters or leaves a room.

Controlling the Tuya Smart Life app

Easily control your human motion detector from the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app. Detect and monitor movements

of the human body comfortably from your smartphone. You need to connect the radar sensor with the Zigbee hub .

You will be able to receive real-time notifications when motion is detected.

Enjoy safe and convenient human motion detection.

Accurate identification, wide range of perception

The conical detection beam with a detection angle of 110 degrees. The human micromovement detection range

is about 3m, motion detection range is 10m (installation height is 2-6m, projection to the ground).

Ideal for security and automation needs

Our intelligent detection sensor can accurately detect human presence, static people and

body movements, alerting you with a siren for greater safety. Works with smart switches

to automatically control the light , when the radar detection sensor detects human presence,

the light turns on and off when it does not detect any human being. It is convenient to create your ideal smart home .

Difference with traditional human PIR sensor

PIR infrared sensors can only detect human movement , but not when the person is standing still, resulting in many false alarms.

The human presence sensor uses the principle of microwave radar , detecting human presence,

human stationarity, human micromotion, and human motion detection.

Wide Application

Intelligent human presence sensor can be widely used in industries such as lighting, security, home, hotel,

garages, buildings, transport, etc. that require the detection of human body movements and movements.

Easy Installation

The base is attached to the mounting position via double-sided adhesive or secured via

screws and the sensor is screwed to the base by rotation .

Main Functions

Real-time detection of human presence, detection of micro-movements (head turned away, shaking,

lifting, turning, brushing the phone, flipping through books, etc.), tracking the

movement (walking, trotting, fast running, circling, jumping and other movements).

NB. For its full functionality it must be connected to a Zigbee gateway

Product Details

Data sheet

Working temperature
Working humidity
5% - 95% non-condensing
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
72x72x31 mm
Communication Protocol
Zigbee 3.0
Radio frequency
Detection range
Up to 10 meters
Detection angle
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