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Tuya Smart WiFi Digital Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor


Smart air quality sensor monitors temperature and humidity

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Tuya Smart Digital Air Quality Sensor monitors the temperature and humidity in your home

Smart and portable WiFi air quality sensor that can monitor

the temperature and humidity in your home or office 24 hours a day.

Monitor your home's climate from anywhere with a smart temperature and humidity sensor .

At the same time, it is equipped with its own Wi-Fi module, so it shows

the measured values in real time in the Tuya Smart or Smart Life mobile application.

A sensor for a healthier home

Provide your loved ones with an optimal climate for a healthier life.

The device has two precise sensors that measure important quantities and you can adjust based on the results.

Thanks to the measurement of the air humidity, you can easily know when, for example, to switch on

the humidifier and ensure ideal air, which is especially important for asthmatics or allergy sufferers.

Of course, there is also a temperature measurement.

These quantities are decisive above all in important moments,

where the level of sleep should be as high as possible.

Instant overview of measurements thanks to a smart application

By connecting the device to your smartphone or tablet, you will have all measured values nicely together.

Using the mobile application, you can easily analyze and compare the collected data.

The intelligent mobile application Tuya Smart or Smart Life allows control and control of your

home from anywhere in the world using only the internet and your mobile phone.

You don't need any control unit or "gateway".

Work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

After connecting Amazon Alexa and Google home, you can know the temperature humidity

current via voice. Like Alexa, what's the temperature of the device name?

or, ok google, what is the device name temp?

Create Smart Scenes

We can create scenes for connecting with other tuya sensors .

Such as temperature or humidity are our preset values.

Turn on the IR remote that controls the air conditioner or turn on the humidifying device.

LCD screen display

The sensor uses LCD as temperature and humidity display and time and date display

is added to the screen. The time and date are automatically calibrated.

Schedule Alerts

Send push notifications via app when the temperature or humidity goes out of the preset value.

USB cable for ignition

Designed to use the USB cable for power on only. No need to replace the battery.

Archive and export data

You can view the history of temperature and humidity via graph or import to your email.

Elegant appearance

Thanks to its original design, it will become a suitable addition to any home.

It will allow you to automate and monitor your household remotely.

Place a WiFi sensor in your home to ensure perfect comfort for your whole family.

Functions and Features:

  • A high quality air quality sensor for indoor use at an affordable price
  • Measures important values in the air, including temperature and humidity
  • Remote access via an app on a smart device
  • Easy setup with Wi-Fi
  • The ability to connect multiple devices to one Tuya Smart or Smart Life application
  • Voice control with support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home applications.
  • Alarm function
  • Power supply via DC 5V/1A micro USB cable (included in the package)
  • So you have absolute control over your family even when you are away
  • The elegant design fits into any interior

Product Details

Data sheet

DC 5V 1.0A, Micro USB
Tuya TH06 Smart WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
Humidity Measurement Range
0% - 99%RH
Humidity measurement accuracy
±5% RH
Temperature Measurement Range
Temperature measurement accuracy
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