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Tuya Smart WiFi Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor


Smart WiFi digital air quality sensor, able to monitor temperature and humidity

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Tuya Digital Sensor Smart air quality WiFi can monitor temperature and humidity

A smart and portable WiFi air quality sensor that can monitor temperature and humidity

air and light intensity in your home or office around the clock with large LCD screen .

Monitor your home's climate from anywhere with an intelligent humidity and temperature sensor

Smart WiFi sensor that can monitor the temperature and humidity of the air in the room 24 hours a day.

At the same time, it is equipped with its own Wi-Fi module, so it shows the measured values in real time in the mobile application.

The WiFi smart sensor also allows the activation of an alarm if the measured data exceeds the set limit values.

A sensor for a healthier family

Provide your loved ones with an optimal climate for a healthier life. The device has precise sensors

which measure important quantities and you can adjust based on the results.

Thanks to the air humidity measurement, you can easily find out when, for example, to turn on the humidifier

and ensure ideal air , which is particularly important for asthmatics or allergy sufferers.

Of course, there is also a temperature measurement. These quantities are decisive above all in

important moments, where the sleep level should be as high as possible.

Instant overview of measurements thanks to an intelligent application

By connecting the device to your smartphone or tablet, you will have all the measured values well together.

Using the mobile application, you can easily analyze and compare the collected data.

Tuya Smart or Smart Life intelligent mobile application allows you to control and control

of your family from anywhere in the world using only the Internet and your mobile phone.

You don't need any control unit or "gateway".

Each device has all the necessary components for communication with your mobile phone via the Internet (cloud).

Voice control

You can use your voice assistant like Amazon Alexa and Google home and IFTTT

to control the temperature and humidity, giving you a better experience.

Elegant appearance

Thanks to its original design, it will become a suitable complement to any home.

It will allow you to automate and monitor your family remotely.

Place a WiFi sensor in your home to ensure perfect comfort for your whole family.

Functions and Features:

  • Top-of-the-range air quality sensor transmission for indoor use at an affordable price
  • Large LCD display Measures important air values, including temperature, humidity and
  • Remote access via app on smart device
  • Easy configuration with Wi-Fi The ability to connect multiple devices to a Tuya Smart or Smart Life application
  • Voice control with support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home applications .
  • Battery powered (3 pcs 1.5V type AA - included in the package)
  • Low battery warning
  • So you have absolute control over your family even when you are away
  • The elegant design fits into any interior
  • Easy handling

Technical features

Template Tuya Smart WiFi Termometer Hygrometer
Diet 3 x AA LR6 Battery
Wifi IEEE 802.11 b / n / g 2.4G Hz
Moisture detection value Between 0% ~ 90% RH
Temperature detection value - 9 ℃ ~ 99 ℃
Voice control support Amazon / Alexa / Google Assistant
Alarm sound volume 55db
Standby current ≤ 30 uA
Working current < 100 mA
Low battery reminder function Yup
Material ABS
Dimensions 70x70x26 mm

Product Details

Data sheet

Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
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