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Tuya Smart Zigbee Water Level Meter for Tank


Ultrasonic Liquid Level Detector

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Tuya Smart Zigbee Liquid Level Meter for Tank - Remote Control and Automation

The Tuya Smart Zigbee Liquid Level Monitoring Detector represents a qualitative leap in the way we manage

and we monitor liquid levels in tanks and other containers . This advanced device uses Zigbee technology

and ultrasonic sensors to provide precise and reliable readings directly to your smartphone via the Tuya Smart app

or Smart Life . Forget about manual inspections and enjoy the convenience of remote monitoring , saving time and effort.

This liquid level detector is perfect for a wide range of applications, including domestic , agricultural and

industrial . Its smart and easy-to-install design makes it accessible to everyone, without the need for technical knowledge

specialists. With high measurement accuracy and the ability to send instant notifications, the Tuya Detector

for Liquid Level Monitoring Smart Zigbee helps you maintain total control over your tanks .

Remote Monitoring Via App

Check the water level in your tanks from anywhere in the world using the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app.

Get instant notifications on your smartphone for high or low water levels. This means that users can easily

monitor the status of your tanks without having to be physically present. You can create all the scenes in the app to fit

everything to your needs. You will also receive the notifications you want, for example, when it is at 50% , when it is at the critical level of 10%.

For correct functioning of the Smart Liquid Level Meter, a ZigBee Gateway is required.

Monitoring of multiple tanks

The same phone can be connected to multiple Tuya ultrasonic sensors for simultaneous monitoring.

Efficient management and automation

The Tuya platform supports automated scene settings, allowing you to trigger other equipment actions on a per-basis basis

to liquid level sensor data, such as starting a pump or closing a valve.

Improve security and early warning systems

Users can set the liquid level limit in the Tuya app. When the liquid level exceeds the set range,

the system immediately sends an alarm notification to avoid problems such as overflow or drying.

Accident prevention through timely alerts and real-time monitoring, failures can be avoided

to equipment or safety incidents caused by abnormal levels of liquids.

Create Smart Scenarios

It is also possible to integrate it with other Tuya devices with which to build your own automated system, for example it is possible

Install a smart relay module to activate the filling pump when the tank is below a certain level.

Or you could automate so that the tank is never empty, i.e. " I water the crop with the tank only if it is

above 50% " so as not to run out of water for consumption (among many other possible examples).

Problem Prevention

Another benefit of using a tank level detector is that you can spot potential problems before

become serious. For example, if the monitor detects that a liquid level is dropping faster than expected,

it is possible to investigate the cause and intervene before the situation becomes critical. This can help you avoid times of

downtime, expensive repairs and other issues that can negatively impact your business.

Easy installation

The Tuya Liquid Level Detector is simple to install and can be set up in minutes. The device

It is also compatible with most standard containers and tanks , making it very easy to use.

The sensor's detection height is 0.1 to 2.9 meters. The length of the sensor cable is 3 meters and the length of the

Power adapter cable is 1.5 meters.

Universal Compatibility

Suitable for use in homes , farms , manufacturing plants , homes and any other

context that requires monitoring of fluid levels .

High Precision

Advanced ultrasonic sensor for precise measurement of liquid levels of approximately 900 ms,

with a measurement error of only 1%. Detection range from 0.1 to 2.9 meters.

Benefits of the Tuya Zigbee Smart Water Level Meter:

  • Saves Time and Effort : Avoid physical inspections and manual monitoring of tank levels, saving valuable time.
  • Real-Time Monitoring : Receive real-time alerts on your smartphone for immediate, informed management of fluid levels.
  • Reliability and Accuracy : Advanced sensors ensure accurate and reliable measurements for informed tank management decisions.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Choose the location in which to install the device: the sensor must be mounted on a straight section of the pipe.
  2. Clean the pipe surface: Use a clean cloth to clean the surface of the pipe where you plan to install the sensor, to ensure there is no debris or dirt that could interfere with the sensor's performance.
  3. Install the sensor: Fix the sensor on the pipe. Make sure the sensor is installed firmly and securely.
  4. Connect the harness: Connect the harness to the appropriate terminals on the sensor. Follow the wiring diagram in the user manual supplied with the device.
  5. Turn on the sensor: After connecting the wiring, turn on the power to activate the sensor.
  6. Test the sensor: Perform a test to make sure the sensor is working properly. You can test the device by flowing liquid into the tube and observing the sensor output signal.

Product Details

Data sheet

Working temperature
da -10 a 60
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
Zigbee 3.0
Sensor Cable Length
10 foot
Measurement Range
10 cm -2.9 meters
User Manual Tuya TLC2206-ZB-B

User Manual Expert4house Tuya Misuratore di Livello Acqua Smart Zigbee per Serbatoi

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