Tuya 4-in-1 Bluetooth Smart Lock with Fingerprint


Bluetooth Smart biometric lock

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Tuya Smart Bluetooth Battery-Powered Lock with Fingerprint, APP, Password and Key

This smart handle lock allows you to feel safe, secure and in control of your home or

of your work, regardless of where you are. With cutting edge design , this lever lock delivers

total control through fingerprint , password , Bluetooth APP and key , guaranteeing protection

complete and unprecedented. Effortless installation , no wiring needed and no drilling.

Manage access from anywhere via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app, controlling opening/closing,

fingerprint and password assignment, temporary sharing and real-time monitoring. Powered

Battery-powered with long life, anti-theft design and Wi-Fi compatibility for a safe and smart experience.

Make your home or office safer and more connected with the latest generation Bluetooth Smart Lock.

The Biometric Smart Lock includes four unlocking methods : fingerprint, password, Bluetooth APP and key.

Control from App

Support controlling Tuya Smart or Smart Life app in IOS Store or Google Play. In the APP you can manage the opening or closing of the

handle, set fingerprint and password for each user, share momentary and temporary passwords, control the

open record and so on. For operation with the remote application in Wi-Fi, a Bluetooth hub is required.

Advanced fingerprint access system

Adopts biometric semiconductor fingerprint sensor , second speed fingerprint recognition,

high performance, 360° learning and memory algorithm, self-learning function, full range of recognition.

Battery with Long Life

Equipped with emergency USB charging port, intelligent charging, you don't have to worry about being stuck outside.

Low voltage alarm, when the battery power is low, the smart lock will make an alarm sound

of flat battery. Powered by 4 AAA LR03 lithium batteries .

Anti-theft design

Touchscreen password hidden handle fingerprint lock, has invisible virtual password.

Enter the altered codes before and after unlocking the password .

As long as there is a correct password, the door can be unlocked, effectively preventing thieves from trying to open the door.

Bluetooth WiFi APP operation

Real-time monitoring, administrator can control the recording on the APP;

The smart lock can be used with other products that support Tuya function.

If you need to unlock the lock remotely, you can set one or a group of dynamic passwords

and the password will automatically become invalid after unlocking.

Smart lock , biometric fingerprint lock, fingerprint and touchscreen lock,

WiFi Bluetooth APP for Tuya, Emergency USB Charging, Anti-peep Code, 4 in 1 Keyless Entry.

Versatile lock

Complies with the standards of most lever locks, comes with a bag of

screws and a latch (60 mm), you can fix it on your door with a thickness of 35-60 mm .

NB. For the Wi-Fi function, a Bluetooth Hub is required.

Product Details

Data sheet

LR03 1.5V battery
Working temperature
from -10°C to +50°C
Working humidity
5% - 95% non-condensing
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
working current
Less than 250mA
Standby current
Below 50-65uA
Communication Protocol
Unlock via
Impronta Digitale, chiave, Password, App
Number of PIN codes
up to 100
Pin number
6~8 characters
Wi-Fi function
Need to purchase a Bluetooth gateway
System capacity
Maximum support 100 pieces
Fingerprint detection
up to 100 users
Door thickness
From 35 to 60 mm
Door opening direction
compatible with left and right
door installation
in wood, metal, iron, steel, aluminium
All product reviews comply with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2161
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