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Tuya Biometric Smart Wifi Lock for Fingerprints


Compact and luxurious smart lock

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Tuya Compact and luxurious biometric Smart Wifi Lock for Fingerprint

Evolve your home security with the new Tuya smart lock, kit consisting of

two handles and a double lock that you can install easily.

It has a compact design but is extremely luxurious and classy. Not only is this a turning point in design

Tuya smart lock is also equipped with many unlock function.

This lock fits door thickness 35-100mm. which is a universal model.

Multiple ways of opening

Why do we call it smart? Take this new smart lock and connect it to your WiFi to be able to unlock and lock the door from your smartphone.

It works with the Tuya Smart or Smartlife APP which you can find on both Android and iOS.

In addition to this, it has other opening modes : its use with the built-in keys, with its own

magnetic IC cards that will allow you to unlock it as soon as you get close to them.

Likewise, you can use a permanent password consisting of numbers with its touch panel or

open the door with its fingerprint sensor .

And you can ask someone else to unlock the door for a certain time that you have set in Tuya app with a

time-out code that will expire after the period you choose in the Tuya app.

Features of the Tuya smart lock

Intelligent anti-theft lock, with low voltage alarm.

WiFi connection and Tuya Smart Life APP to unlock it remotely.

Different opening modes, it will allow you to unlock it with your fingerprint or password.

Universal lock and easy to install.

It can combine the context with the devices in the Tuya ecosystem connected to WiFi directly controlled

via the free Tuya Smart application, Smart Life on Android and IOS.

Unlock with Fingerprint

In addition to the Swedish FPC fingerprint technology, which is super sensitive for reading fingerprints

in less than 0.3 seconds, the fingerprint reader is integrated into the handle to help unlock with a single touch.

This is the world's leading security fingerprint technology with over 300 banks

who apply it to their security system.

Unlock with Password

Password virtualization technology is a secure and intelligent protection that no other locks

electronic can have: enter virtual characters before and after the real password string.

Even if it's right next to you, it's hard to tell what the real unlock password is

Simplify the Management of the Rental Home

The Lock is also preferred by home and apartment renters due to its special features:

easy to remotely unlock, manage tenants on the phone app anywhere without having to

be close to the rented apartments and not disturb the privacy of the tenants.

Create Smart Scenarios

This is a smart block line in the Tuya ecosystem, so you will easily create multiple contexts for smart devices

to automatically control and operate with each other. When you want to build Tuya smart home platform,

do not hesitate to contact the Expert4house technical team for advice on the products suitable for your needs!

Low consumption design :

Requires 4 x 1.5V AAA LR03 batteries (not included).

Unlock 20 times a day, it can work for more than 10 months. With low power warning.


Suitable for installation for wooden doors, iron doors, aluminum doors, villas, private houses, offices,

apartments, hospitals, schools, hotels, motels, houses for rent, apartments for rent.

Technical specifications

  • intelligent anti-theft lock, with low voltage alarm.
  • WiFi connection and Tuya Smart Life APP to unlock it remotely.
  • Different opening modes, it will allow you to unlock it with your fingerprint or password.
  • Universal lock and easy to install.
  • Universal opening modes: Remote control One-time password Permanent password Keys Fingerprint sensor Magnetic card IC
  • Connection: Tuya / Smart Life App WiFi Connection (Android / iOS)
  • interior door system: 180x22mm
  • Black colour

What's in the box :

  • 2 x smart smart handles
  • 1 x Lock 5050
  • 2 x ID Card
  • 1 x dowel
  • 1 x push button panel
  • 2 x keys
  • 1 x installation kit
  • 1 x bag of screws
  • 1 x user guide

Technical features

Template Tuya Smart WiFi Fingerprint Door Lock
Diet 4 AAA LR03 alkaline batteries (not included)
Emergency power supply 5 V DC
Power type 6V
Stand By Current Less than 50-65uA
Working current Less than 250 mA
LCD 3.5 "TFT
Fingerprint identification angle 360 °
Material aluminum alloy + acrylic
Number of administrators 9
Number of Facial Acknowledgments 100
Fingerprint + password + card capacity 300
Password length 6-8 bits
Door thickness range 35-110 mm
Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11 b / n / g 2.4 G Hz
Standard configuration 5050 Lock body
Unlock mode Fingerprint, Key, ID card, Password, App;
Waterproof IP44
Operating temperature From –30ºC ~ + 70ºC
Working humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing
Weight 2.5 Kg.
Dimensions 25X6X2.1 cm

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Product Details

Data sheet

Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
All product reviews comply with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2161

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