Tuya Bluetooth Smart Padlock with Fingerprint


Smart Electronic padlock with fingerprint reader

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Tuya Smart Bluetooth Electronic Padlock with Fingerprint Reader

Electronic Smart Bluetooth Padlock with high reliability fingerprint reader, lithium battery

of the latest generation which guarantees an autonomy of 30% higher than other non-professional solutions.

Protect the lock with a smart product that can be managed from the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app ,

with Voice Command and Biometric Fingerprint .

Simple to use

It will be possible to protect the wardrobe, the gate, the luggage, the bike, the chain, the warehouse,

in seconds and without using keys.

Management via the app will allow you to authorize opening even remotely.

Manageable with Voice Command

To be able to open the lock of this Smart Padlock by voice command , just say

for example " Ok Google, open desk lock " or " Alexa, open warehouse lock ".

Compatible with Google Home, Siri, Alexa, IFTTT .

You won't have to remember where you left your keys and above all you won't run the risk of losing them and therefore not being able to

open the lock. Management will also be very quick, in fact instead of having to find the keys, insert them and unlock

the lock, with this smart reader, in about 1 second after placing your finger on the reader, the lock will be opened.

No PIN combination to remember or enter

This product is our best alarm solution with a smart lock

electric. Thanks also to the high intensity reader (more than 500dpi in 120x120mm) with 360° reading, there are no risks

others can open it and above all you can do it by positioning your finger in any way (there is no reading direction).

Bluetooth connection

It will allow you to check if the lock is closed or open, also checking the status remotely. You can open it if necessary

remotely, without having to use the fingerprint. For example, it is very useful in the office to authorize openings without moving.

Cover cover of the reader

It allows protection from dust, guaranteeing correct and constant operation and rapid reading

of the footprint itself, even in environments with dust, rain, etc...

Made to give maximum reliability and safety

In fact, the cover is made of zinc alloy and the fixing bar in stainless steel, ensuring maximum strength and durability

resistance but at the same time maximum lightness.

Lightweight and convenient to carry with you

The stainless steel bar ensures maximum cut resistance as well as protection from oxidation.

With this app-controlled padlock,

It will be possible to authorize the management of up to 10 people, in fact the internal memory (encrypted and protected) allows

to associate up to 10 different fingerprints.

Can also be used outdoors

The material used allows it to be used outdoors, without the product being damaged

due to atmospheric events or humidity.

If for any reason you will not be able to open the electric lock with your fingerprint, the convenient Tuya Smart or Smart Life App

it will allow you to do it with a simple click or with voice command .

Suitable for Protecting, backpack, warehouse, office, closet, drawer, bike, office, gym, door, gate, garage, dorm.

Long Lasting Lithium Battery

The powerful integrated lithium battery allows up to about 3000 uses before having to recharge it, and the construction in

alloy, make it light and comfortable to carry, as well as sturdy and tamper resistant.

It will never be closed

The highlight of this lock is the fingerprint reader, making it our best manageable smart lock

from the app it is also the presence of the " battery emergency " function, a function that allows you to open the padlock

for one last time even when the battery is practically empty.

Conveniently rechargeable with any USB cable.

Product Details

Data sheet

Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Suitable for
47x15x75 mm
working current
Operating current
Standby current
Item weight
125 g
Communication Protocol
Communication Protocol
Battery capacity
Built-in 3.7V 300mAh lithium battery
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