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Tuya Mini RFID Smart Bluetooth Access Controller


Waterproof Access Control with RFID Cards

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Tuya Smart Bluetooth Waterproof Access Controller with RFID Cards and Remote Control

Access control becomes a quick and effortless operation thanks to the Tuya Mini Waterproof Access Controller

Smart Bluetooth. Using 125KHz RFID technology and proximity cards, this system offers identification

snapshot of users without the need to enter passwords or complete lengthy procedures. Just bring the card closer to the

reader to gain authorized access. Furthermore, this device not only guarantees convenience , but also safety and

check. Records all login activity, allowing a complete history to monitor access to your environment.

This feature is particularly advantageous in places with a high flow of people such as companies , condominiums and institutions

schools. Ease of installation is another strong point of the Tuya Controller Smart. Adaptable to different types of doors,

this system is versatile, discreet and does not compromise the aesthetics of the environment. Furthermore, the installation can be

completed quickly and without significant structural changes. Featuring a sturdy, durable metal housing

weatherproof and an anti-vandalism alarm, this device ensures long-lasting protection against damage and intrusions.

Wide User Capacity

The Tuya Mini Waterproof Smart Bluetooth Access Controller offers a vast user capacity, allowing up to 1000

users. With this flexibility, it is possible to manage up to 990 users and 10 visitors , ensuring complete access control.

Smart control

With the Tuya Mini Controller, access control becomes even smarter . Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity

and compatibility with the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app, you can manage access directly from your smartphone.

Add users, create custom access schedules, and monitor real-time activity, all with a simple tap

on the screen of your mobile device. For full smart control we recommend purchasing a Smart Gateway

Additional Bluetooth . It will allow you, having access to the Internet, to Control the Device from anywhere in the world.

Compatibility for Different Applications

The Tuya Smart Access Controller offers unparalleled flexibility by supporting connection to a wide range of devices

range of additional devices. This device can integrate seamlessly with electric locks , both

electromagnetic and electromechanical, exit buttons , access power supplies , alarms , sirens and door sensors.

This extensive compatibility makes it an ideal option not only for shops, offices and homes, but also for factories,

warehouses, laboratories, banks and other institutions where access security is of primary importance.

Precise Access Control

Featuring a relay output for an exit button, this controller offers precise and reliable control over door opening

doors. Furthermore, it has a relay (NO, NC, common) which allows you to adjust the exit time from 0 to 99 seconds,

with a maximum output load of 2A . This functionality allows customization of opening times,

adapting to the specific needs of each environment.

Efficient and Flexible Power Supply

The Tuya Mini Waterproof Smart Bluetooth Access Controller is designed for optimal efficiency.

With an operating voltage of 9/18V DC and a quiescent current of less than 45 mA, it guarantees

reduced energy consumption , optimizing the performance and lifespan of the device.

Waterproof for Indoor and Outdoor

Designed for use in a variety of environments, thanks to IP66 protection it is suitable for installation both outdoors

than inside. Equipped with an integrated tamper alarm, the module reacts promptly to any

attempted damage, effectively protecting your environment from acts of vandalism.

Kit includes

The reader , a remote control for programming, a card for learning and deletion, two tiles for the

surface mount, a diode for connecting the lock and a torx wrench for removing the back panel.

Features and Functionality:
  • External access control with Bluetooth connection, compatible with Tuya Smart App.
  • The product has a silver black finish.
  • It has a metal cover (zinc alloy), which makes it resistant to impacts.
  • It features a multi-color LED status display.
  • They work with 125KHz RFID cards .
  • It has a capacity to store 1000 EM cards . There can be 990 normal users and 10 visitors.
  • Control power is 12V DC, with a quiescent current of less than 45mA.
  • The controller features a One relay , which allows you to adjust the output time from 0 to 99 seconds, with a load of 2A.
  • It has IP66 protection, making it resistant to outdoor use.
  • Its dimensions are 7.3 cm in diameter and 2 cm in height.

Product Details

Data sheet

Aluminum alloy + Acrylic
Working temperature
-30℃ ~+60℃
Working humidity
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
73x20 mm
Communication Protocol
RFID card
up to 1000
One (NO, NC, COM)
Remote control
Supported Card Type
EM Cards or Mifare Cards
RFID frequency
All product reviews comply with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2161
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