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Welock Electronic Cylinder for Smart Bluetooth Lock with Password


With keypad and RFID card for adjustable cylinder

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Welock Smart Bluetooth Electronic Cylinder for Lock with Keyboard and RFID Card

The Welock Password Lock adopts advanced technology, allowing you to manage the lock and

unlocking the door through the intelligent way. Welock smart lock is a reliable for home, office,

hotel, bringing you both convenience and safety insurance.

Unlock the door with the Password

With the Welock lock you can conveniently record several passwords on your device, even

personalized for each member of the family or office.

The device stores up to 10 passwords simultaneously (1 with administrator function).

Unlocking with your RFID Smart Card

The 3 Smart Cards included in the package can be conveniently associated with the electronic lock

supplied, and you can use them to lock and unlock the door even more quickly. You can pair

up to 20 Smart Cards (other Smart Cards available on our site), furthermore the RFID Smart Card can be associated with multiple locks.

Control from anywhere using the Welock app

Open or lock your doors from anywhere - just touch a button on your smartphone! All records unlocked

they will be synced to the Welock app , so you can see exactly who entered your home and when.

From the App you can also conveniently approve or delete permissions like this

to make access to the site protected , limited and personalized.

WiFi Unlock

Unlock the lock remotely via smartphone, control the lock from the App whenever and wherever you are.

For full Smart WiFi functionality, requires an additional WIFIBOX (please order separately).

Quick and easy setup

All you need is your existing WiFi network, a smartphone and the Welock Lock.

Share temporary login password

You can generate unlimited temporary access codes, valid for up to 30 days.

For example, if you need to rent your house or a room for a short period, with Welock you have solved the problem

problem with delivery and return of keys! Or, if you are waiting for a worker or a friend at home and you still

you haven't returned, don't make him wait, you can make him enter the house before you!

No fear of dead batteries!

You will never have to worry about the batteries running out. With 3 x AAA LR03 batteries , you can lock/unlock

takes it up to 8000 times! With ten open/close trades per day, this means you can expect 1 year

of autonomy from each set of batteries. If your lock runs out of battery, don't worry!

You can use a portable charger to unlock the door until you can replace the batteries.

Adjustable lock cylinder

Suitable for almost all doors that conform to EU standard sizes. With adjustable thickness from 50mm

at 100mm, you can easily adjust the thickness of the cylinder to fit your door.

Simple assembly in just 10 minutes

Installation takes less than 10 minutes . I don't need a locksmith. Just follow the instructions in the manual

installation instructions included and assembly video. It is very easy to install the smart lock by yourself in 10 minutes.

Reliable and safe

Electrostatic protection up to 30,000 volts. Waterproof: IP65 Safety in case of fire, etc.: always openable

from inside. Up to 10 million closures. Operating temperature: -30℃~60℃

What's included:

  • 1x Welock electronic lock
  • 3x RFID cards
  • 1x special Allen key
  • 1x instruction manual
  • The wifi gateway -box must be purchased separately

Product Details

Data sheet

LR03 1.5V battery
Inner surface made of food grade 304 stainless steel
Working temperature
-30℃ ~+60℃
Mobile application
Handle diameter: external 46mm / internal 38mm; length: external 56mm / internal 57mm
Communication Protocol
Communication Protocol
Work hours
100000 Hours
Unlock via
RFID Card, APP, Password
10 (1 administrator, 9 normal users)
Up to 20
Door thickness
Da 55 a 105 mm
door installation
Wooden doors, interior doors
All product reviews comply with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2161
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