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Tuya Smart Matter WiFi 16A Socket with Energy Measurement


Socket Compatible with Homekit Amazon Alexa Google Home

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Tuya Socket Matter Power Meter Compatible with Homekit, Alexa, Google, Smart Life

With the Tuya Matter smart socket you will have the companion you need to make your daily life simpler and more efficient.

Its ability to handle up to 16A (3680W) and monitor energy consumption in real time, this smart socket becomes

your ally to reduce electricity bills without sacrificing comfort. Thanks to the Matter protocol , compatibility with one

wide range of devices and platforms is guaranteed, ensuring you a seamless experience. Take advantage of the

App control to manage your devices remotely via, with a simple touch on your smartphone , you can program

turning your appliances on and off, wherever you are. The Tuya Matter smart socket is designed to

be easy to install and use and the compact size allows it to be inserted into any socket .

With LED indicators and a simple reset function, you have full control of the device.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

The Smart Socket has a built-in power metering chip that provides timely reports

real and historical data on the energy consumption of devices via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app.

Compatibility with the Matter protocol

The Smart Socket is compatible with the industry-leading Matter protocol, so it requires no third-party applications

parties or cloud accounts and ensures seamless integration with the smart home ecosystem.

Smart control

Matter sockets can communicate seamlessly in the local network and control each other without a connection to

Internet or a Hub Matter . Alternatively, you can control the WiFi plug via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app.

Control the outlet anytime and from anywhere with internet via the app. Use your home Wi-Fi socket

smart to monitor the power consumption of your connected device in real time, view consumption

energy history, create smart scenarios , schedules and timers.

Voice control

Easily control your home appliances using simply voice control via Amazon Alexa,

Apple Siri or Google Assistant . This smart plug becomes the command center for your devices

home, offering convenient, hands-free operation.

High power capacity

The Tuya Matter Smart Plug can handle high-power devices with a capacity of up to 3680W and a

current of 16A , making it perfect for appliances that require extra power.

Home Programming

Set schedules for your appliances throughout the day using the smart plug .

Create groups for all your smart devices and control them with a single command. This feature

allows you to automate your home and enjoy a leaner, more efficient lifestyle.

Simple installation

Outlet setup is a breeze with just one click. Its standardized protocols and design

simple make it user-friendly . Simply connect it to your existing 2.4GHz WiFi network and start using it.

Socket Specifications

The Matter Socket has a nominal power of AC 85-250V, 50/60Hz and a maximum load capacity of 3680 W. Works

with a 2.4GHz WiFi network and has a compact size of 46mm x 46mm x 71mm and weighs just 80.6g.

Information on MATTER

The Matter partnership is led by leading platforms such as Apple, Google, Alexa and Samsung and more than 500 companies

global. This Matter plug can connect to all apps and control all devices. It is not needed

install third-party apps, there is no need to register accounts in the cloud and there is no tracking.

Features and Functionality:
  • Smart APP control and voice control with Google or Alexa
  • Matter and WiFi protocol
  • Energy monitoring
  • Timer and programming function
  • Easy setup and control from anywhere

Product Details

Data sheet

AC 85~250V, 50~60HZ
Working temperature
Working humidity
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
46x46x71 mm
Communication Protocol
Communication Protocol
Communication Protocol
maximum 16A
Energy Consumption Measurement
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