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Wi-Fi voltage meter

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Shelly EM Measures and Controls Everything

Energy meter and control with WiFi power supply.

Individually monitor the consumption of household appliances, electrical circuits and office equipment (lighting, power lines, security systems, heating and cooling, etc.).

The consumption of the whole house or the production of electricity from solar collectors with the only energy meter in the world with contactor control function.

Small size packed with features

Cleverly designed to fit most standard electrical boxes and switches.

Shelly EM is smaller than two cookies stacked together.

At least one current measuring terminal is required for operation,

such as Shelly Current Transformer 120A and 50A

Wi-Fi connected

Shelly EM can connect directly to any Wi-Fi network, no HUB required or can function as an Access Point.

Power supply

Shelly EM is compatible with all major international voltage standards.

Double power measurement

Shelly ЕМ can monitor real-time power consumption for 2 circuits simultaneously (up to 120A each).

Mobile app control

Turn on / off devices directly from your smartphone or tablet.

You can manage Shelly EM output from the Shelly app , MQTT or Rest API.

Checking the counter

Shelly EM has a built-in 2A 230V 50 / 60Hz relay output for meter control.

Over-consumption and over-energy protection

Shelly EM can automatically turn off the entire circuit if consumption or energy (prepaid energy option) reaches the set limit.

Protection against excessive consumption and excess energy

Shelly EM can automatically notify and / or shut down the circuit if consumption or energy reaches the preset limit.

Embedded Web Server

Turn on / off and monitor consumption directly from its interface without the need for any additional controller or hub, thanks to the embedded web server.

Sunrise / sunset times

Shelly EM can turn on / off automatically based on sunrise and sunset times.

Weekly programming

Create custom daily schedules for your devices.

Compatible with

Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa , Google Assistant, and home automation servers using MQTT, CoAP, and REST API.

Easily make your Arduino project come alive and usable in your automation project.

Energy efficiency

Many homes and buildings consume more energy than necessary. This leads to inefficiencies, wasted energy and ultimately increased monthly bills.

Shelly solutions for home and facility automation can help you reduce energy waste and

monthly bills up to 30% through a 3-step energy efficiency cycle.

For Developers

Shelly EM comes with a programming / debug header that can be used for flashing

of alternative firmware on the device. It has an ESP8266 inside, with a 2MB flash chip.

You need a USB to UART adapter and a reliable 3.3V with a drive capacity of at least 350mA.

Features Shelly EM

  • Two independent measurement channels
  • One contactor control (or load up to 2A)
  • 365 days of internal memory in case no WLAN is available
  • Voltage measurement and configurable alarm message

Technical features

Template Shelly EM
AC power supply 110-230V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz AC
Wifi 802.11 b / g / n
Radio frequency 2400 - 2500 MHz
Radio signal strength 1mW
Power consumption of the device <1 W
Operation Range Connectivity up to 50 m outdoors and up to 30 m indoors (depending on building materials)
Contactor control Yes - max 2A
Power measurement YES
Channels 2
Operating temperature 0 ° C to + 40 ° C
Dimensions 39mm x 36mm x 17mm

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