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Tuya Smart ZigBee Bidirectional Energy Meter with Clamp


Bidirectional Energy Meter with 80A Clamp

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Tuya Smart Zigbee Bidirectional Energy Meter with 80A Current Transformer

With this ZigBee energy meter you can wirelessly monitor and record your energy consumption

in a simple and precise way, for example that of solar panels or the old electricity meter.

Through the Tuya smart or smart life application you can view the power in real time,

current, voltage, power factor and frequency per channel ( input and output ).

It supports automatic adjustment of the caliper value, provides push notifications and can also be

calibrated by setting the percentage. Bring energy monitoring into your home or business with

our Smart Zigbee Bidirectional Energy Meter. Easy to install and control via app,

our smart meter is the ideal solution for precise and conscious energy monitoring .

Since this module is supported by ZigBee2MQTT , it can be used in almost any system

home automation such as Home Assistant and IFTTT .

Comprehensive energy monitoring

The Tuya Energy Meter is designed to help you monitor and manage your energy consumption.

With real-time display of hourly, daily, monthly and annual energy consumption in kWh ,

you can easily track your home electricity usage and costs .

Remote control app

The intelligent Energy Meter, via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app, allows you to monitor the percentage

power consumption , voltage, current and power of the device. You can also view and manage it

operating status of the device and configure the automation according to your needs.

This Smart Meter requires a Zigbee Hub to be added to the application.

Automate your home

With our Smart Switch , you can easily automate your home appliances and devices. Create a scene in

the device works with other Tuya devices : when the power or current of the device exceeds a certain

value, other Tuya devices will start working. You can also receive notifications when your device turns off.

Measure energy consumption and energy production

Thanks to Bidirectional Monitoring, the Smart Zigbee Bidirectional Energy Meter with Clamp,

allows monitoring of both energy consumption and energy production .

Measure single channel power independently

This product has the function of measuring single channel power independently , so that users

can clearly understand the power consumption of each channel, convenient for energy management.

Current measurement

The Energy Meter can accurately measure the current value of the target device and display it in milliamps,

providing users with detailed current information to aid power analysis and load optimization.

Voltage measurement

The Energy Meter can accurately measure the voltage value of the target device and display it in volts ,

convenient to understand the voltage parameters of the device operation and ensure normal operation.

Power factor and frequency measurement

The Energy Meter also has the function of measuring power factor and frequency

that the user can understand the power factor and frequency values of the equipment

in real time and improve the energy efficiency and stability of the equipment.

Voice Control

With this compatibility, users can use their Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant- enabled devices to manage

or get energy meter information. For example, you could ask Alexa or Google Assistant to provide data

current energy consumption, to activate or deactivate specific meter functions.

Contribution to Sustainability

With conscious energy management , the meter supports efforts towards greater sustainability,

allowing you to actively contribute to a reduction in your energy footprint.

Safe and simple installation

It can be installed on 35mm DIN rail and does not require any connections or wires to change for installation.

Just put the wire in the clamp and you're ready to measure! It's so easy and safe.

Trust us to help you manage your energy consumption efficiently and economically!

NB . The meter requires the device to have a neutral line. If not, it can't

measure the voltage, current and power of the device.

Features and Functionality:
  • Through the APP you can view: KWh energy consumption, voltage, current and power, monitor the working status of the device
  • Electricity Statistics : You can view KWh per hour, daily, monthly, yearly and total used in App.
  • Automation - which allows you to set up a scenario for this device to work with other tuya devices.
  • Safety and easy installation : no need to connect the wires, just put them in the terminals and measure.
  • New bidirectional measurement technology, more convenient. and easy to install.

Product Details

Data sheet

AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Working temperature
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
Zigbee 3.0
Measurement range
0.2-80 A
Clamp diameter
10 mm
Clamp Wire Length

Specific References

Tuya 1CT-Z
All product reviews comply with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2161

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