Tuya Zigbee 2-Channel Module Without Neutral


Smart switch for Wall Mount with 2-channel relay

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Tuya Zigbee 2 Channel Module Without Neutral for 503 Box Assembly

The Zigbee Smart Tuya module can manage two lines in one ed wall switch

is designed to turn your traditional switch into a smart device.

Simplify your home lighting control!

The small size allows the switch to be placed in a flush-mounting box.

The switch can be operated in the traditional way, using a manual wall switch

or wirelessly using the TUYA app.

Easily replace your traditional switch to make your life smarter .

To make your 2-way switch smart, you just need to install a smart switch like this one.

Voice Control

After connecting the Tuya Smart Life application to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa account

you can control the device using voice commands. Allows you to control your lighting with

simple commands! Now it takes just a few words to turn the lights on or off – you don't even have to pick up the phone.

Remote Control

The smart mobile application Tuya Smart or Smartlife allows you to control and manage your home from anywhere

part of the world only with the help of the internet and your mobile phone. You no longer have to worry if

you forget to turn off the light before leaving home: now you can do it with your smartphone !

Smart Scenarios

The relay needs a ZigBee Gateway to work, with its help it is possible to create scenarios where the switch

it is activated by door or motion sensors and deactivated by sensors or wirelessly using the application.

The switch can also remember the last settings and restore them if, for example, there is a power failure.


The Timetable function will allow you, for example, to automatically turn on the light in front of the house at 21.00 and

to turn it off at dawn - you set the time. You no longer have to remember to turn off the lights in the morning.

Works great with tuya sensors, thanks to which, after entering the house and having

motion detected, the light will turn on in the place you choose.

The relay needs a ZigBee Hub to work, with its help you can create scenarios where the switch comes from

activated by door or motion sensors and turned off by sensors or wirelessly using the app.

Set weekly schedule or countdown

Allows you to set the weekly schedule or the countdown to turn on

or turning off any electrical device every day.

Share with family

Share it with family members with sharing feature.

After connecting the product to the local network and adding it to the application, we can check it

from anywhere in the world where we have access to the internet.

This product is very easy to use and install

Very small housing that can be installed inside the 503 box under the switch.

In addition, 2 switches can be used to control a lamp, ideal for example near the stairs.

This way you can conveniently turn on the light on the first floor and turn it off when you go upstairs!

Suitable for controlling lights with a maximum total power of 2 x 100W.

The device works without a neutral wire.

Supported functions controlled by the app :

  • Turn on/off from anywhere in the world
  • Manual local activation/deactivation with the button
  • Timer - setting the time to switch on
  • Stopwatch: Setting the time until shut down
  • Program - programmed weekly automatic cycle activated/deactivated
  • Scene - setting the dependence of control on the time of day
  • Voice control when connected to Google Assistant or Alexa

Example usage scenario:

  • You can turn on/off all the lighting in the house with just one button.
  • After entering the room, turn on the light for 3 minutes.
  • Turn on the light if it's dark in the room

Product Details

Data sheet

AC 200-240V 50/60Hz
Working temperature
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
Zigbee 3.0
Number of Channels
Maximum load current
2x (10-100W)
All product reviews comply with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2161
Perfecto y pequeño
rating 5
Hace exactamente lo que yo quería, controlar un switch doble que ilumina dos zonas diferentes. Instalación sencilla y sin neutro... No se puede pedir más.
La única precaución es que no se deben activar o desactivar los interruptores físicos de la pared simultáneamente porque a veces la unidad no reconoce alguno de los cambios. Pero es tan fácil como accionar uno y luego el otro...
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