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Tuya Smart ZigBee Temperature and Humidity Sensor


Monitor your home climate with the smart sensor

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Tuya Mini Smart ZigBee 3.0 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The ZigBee temperature and humidity sensor offers precise temperature and humidity measurements,

saving this data in memory for one year. Divided into days with hours, months and a year.

For its ideal connection to a smart home, you can connect to it

using a ZIGBEE HUB via the ZigBee 3.0 protocol.

Monitor your home's climate from anywhere with a smart temperature and humidity sensor

Wireless intelligent sensor that can monitor the temperature and humidity in the room 24 hours a day.

The smart WiFi sensor displays the measured values in real time in the mobile application and allows

also to activate the alarm if the measured data exceeds the set limits.

High Accuracy

the built-in high-precision temperature humidity sensor with wireless hygrometer thermometer,

it updates once every second, which is more timely and accurate. The temperature sensor provides

real-time wireless monitoring of temperature (-20~ 60°C) and humidity (0~100%RH).

Sensor for a healthier home

Provide your loved ones with an optimal climate for a healthier life.

The device has two precise sensors that measure important quantities and you can organize it according to the results.

Thanks to the humidity measurement, you can easily find out, for example, when to turn on the humidifier and

guarantee ideal air, which is especially important for asthmatics or allergy sufferers.

Of course, there is also the temperature measurement.

These variables are crucial especially in the important moments, when the level of sleep should be as high as possible.

Automated commands

Thanks to the possibility of connecting various TUYA devices, it is possible to connect the sensor with a smart socket or switch,

which will be able, for example, to turn on a solenoid valve as soon as the sensor

it will detect a leak to cut off the water supply to the house.

Immediate overview of the measurement thanks to an intelligent application

By connecting the device to your smartphone or tablet , you will have all the measured values well together.

Using the mobile application, you can easily analyze and compare the collected data.

Tuya or Smartlife smart mobile application allows you to control and manage your home from anywhere

part of the world only with the help of the internet and your mobile phone.

View the history record in the app for smart home temperature and humidity controls.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Use your voice to control connected devices through Alexa or Google Home .


The sensor allows you to set up automation and start or stop other added devices

to Tuya application based on temperature and humidity measurement.

Low battery reminder

The microprocessor has low power consumption and long standby time. The app is designed with

a low-voltage monitoring reminder function that can power the sensors in real time.

Widely Used

wireless humidity sensor can be easily plugged into the wall, easy to install, light and small,

widely used in indoors and outdoors, children's rooms, offices, garages, cellars, etc.

Elegant appearance

Thanks to its original design, it will become a suitable accessory for any home.

It allows you to automate and monitor your home remotely.

Place a WiFi sensor in your home to ensure perfect comfort for your whole family.

The device is powered by CR2450 batteries

NB. To work properly it needs a HUB ZIGBEE GATEWAY

Product Details

Data sheet

CR2450 3V battery
Tuya Smart Zigbee Humidity & Temperature Sensor
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
Zigbee 3.0
Humidity measurement accuracy
Temperature measurement accuracy
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