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Tuya IP66 Smart Wifi Access Control System with Touch Keyboard and Card Reader


IP66 Metal Access Control with Doorbell or Fingerprint

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Tuya IP66 Smart Wifi Access Control System with Keyboard and RFID Reader

Protect your home or office with the Tuya IP66 Smart Wifi Access Control System . Equipped with a touch keyboard

and an RFID reader, this advanced system gives you security and peace of mind. Unlock the door easily using your own

fingerprint , an EM card, a code or the Tuya mobile application. With an impressive capacity of 1000 users and

the ability to manage up to 500 users via the app, this system is perfect for residential and commercial environments.

The IP66 weatherproof device is ideal for outdoor installation, ensuring safety wherever you go.

With the working time recording function, you have complete control over entry and exit, allowing you to

monitor the time spent in the protected area. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity and the T uya Smart o mobile application

Smart Life , you can manage the system remotely, eliminating security worries even when you are away from home.

And not only that: with the ability to generate temporary access codes and set specific access time intervals,

this system offers an unprecedented level of flexibility. Whether you are a homeowner who wants to protect

your family or an entrepreneur who wants to guarantee safe access to employees, the Smart Access Control System is the

perfect solution for you. Order today and invest in the safety and tranquility of your living or working environment.

Choose the Version that's right for you

The Tuya Smart Access Control System is available in two versions to meet your specific needs.

The first option comes with an advanced fingerprint reader , giving you a higher level of biometric security.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more conventional solution with additional features, the doorbell version

integrated is perfect for your needs. In addition to the security offered by access control, this option

It also allows you to enjoy the convenience of a built-in doorbell, with instant notifications in the APP .

Intelligent Management via App

Through the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app you can perform a range of functions to effectively manage access control.

These include real-time access monitoring , registration or deletion of passwords, fingerprints or

Cards, working time recording, relay output control, user management and security notifications .

In short, the app provides essential tools to ensure the security and control of access to your facility.

Version with Fingerprint

The Tuya access control system is equipped with an innovative biometric fingerprint reader that allows access to

100 users via fingerprint and 900 users via card or password . Thanks to the use of an advanced algorithm, this

reader ensures reliable security , high accuracy and excellent speed in matching detection.

Version with bell

The version of the Tuya access control system with integrated doorbell offers a complete solution for

security and access management. In addition to the standard features of the Tuya system, this version is

equipped with a bell that allows visitors to announce their presence, sending notifications to the App .

Easy and Versatile Installation

Powered by 12-18V the device has a relay output that allows you to control a variety of devices, such as

electromagnetic locks, Access control power supplies , exit buttons or alarm systems .

This additional feature increases system flexibility, allowing you to integrate control

of accesses with other security or environmental control devices.

Robust Security in All Conditions

Tuya access control is designed to withstand external impacts and the most difficult weather conditions. Done

With high-quality materials, such as aluminum alloy, this device offers reliable and long-lasting protection. With the

Its IP66 protection rating guarantees optimal operation even in adverse weather conditions. This is it

makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including private residences, offices, warehouses , industrial facilities and more.

Package contents:
  • Access Control with RFID card reader
  • Mounting kit (screws and plugs)
  • Master Card
  • Installation and application instructions
Features and Functionality:
  • It has 1 door relay (NO, NC, common), 1 exit button output, Wiegand input/output.
  • WiFi and Tuya Smart or Smart Life mobile app.
  • Built-in memory for up to 988 cards.
  • 100 fingerprints and 500 mobile users.
  • IP66 for surface mounting.
  • Manage users directly from the mobile application.
  • Access via card/PIN/fingerprint and telephone.
  • Maximum load output to block mechanism 2Amp, Tamper.
  • Power: 12-18V DC.

Product Details

Data sheet

12-18V DC
Metal housing, zinc alloy
Working temperature
-30℃ ~+60℃
Working humidity
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
148x43.5x22 mm
Communication Protocol
Pin number
4~6 digits
RFID card
Up to 900
Fingerprint detection
up to 100 users
One (NO, NC, COM)
RFID frequency
Wiegand exit
26~44 bit, 56 bit, 58 bit
EM Cards Version
Wiegand 26~44 bit input and output
Mifare card version
Wiegand 26~44 bit, 56 bit, 58 bit input and output

Specific References

Tuya HF4 EM+Mifare
All product reviews comply with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2161
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