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Tuya Smart WiFi Single Door Access Control Card

Tuya-sboard-III WIFI

12V Wiegand Wi-Fi Access Control Card

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Tuya 12V Single Door Access Control Card Smart WiFi Wiegand

Revolutionize your security system with the SBoard WiFi access controller . This device transforms

radically manage space, offering a flexible and efficient solution for access control

single door. With its compatibility with a wide range of players or keyboard with Wiegand output from 26 to

58 bit, this controller integrates effortlessly into any existing security system. Equipped with a reliable

Atmel microcontroller and a practical infrared remote control , the Smart WiFi Controller stands out for its

stability and ease of use. But what makes it truly extraordinary is its integration with the Tuya Smart app

or Smart Life , available for iOS and Android. This feature allows for complete access control

directly from your smartphone , allowing you to add and delete users , generate codes

temporary and much more, all with a simple tap on the screen.

Advanced Control Features

The Smart WiFi access controller integrates seamlessly with the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app, ensuring users

advanced control through their mobile devices, both on iOS and Android. With this app , users can

perform a series of operations related to access control directly from your smartphone , including adding

or removing users and creating temporary access codes. This flexibility makes the SBoard WiFi

Extremely convenient to use in various security and access control scenarios.

Compatibility with readers and keyboards

The WiFi Controller offers wide compatibility with various Wiegand readers , supporting 26 to 44 input signals,

56 and 58 bits. Additionally, it can connect to keyboards that can output 4-bit virtual numbers,

8 bit (ASCII) or 10 bit, increasing its versatility and flexibility in integrating with a variety of security systems .

Multilevel Management

The Smart Controller is able to manage up to 1000 local users and another 500 via the app , thus offering a system of

access control suited to the needs of small and medium-sized organizations . With multi-level access,

administrators can manage devices and members, while regular members have limited viewing access

of unlocking and alarm records . A key feature is the ability to create users even without the application,

ensuring universal accessibility. Additionally, you can add multiple codes or cards under each user profile,

allowing flexible access management. The system also offers the possibility to set a validity time

personalized for each user , both in terms of duration (forever or with a specific expiry date) and repetition

(specific days of the week and start and end times).

Integrations for Complete Security

The WiFii Controller Card is designed to offer advanced integrations for optimal security . This form

It is powered by 12V DC and has a relay output for easy connection to various control systems

accesses . Furthermore, it features an alarm output for immediate notification in case of emergency and an input for

magnetic contact on the door to detect the opening and closing of the door. With the ability to broadcast notifications

of the doorbell, this module guarantees complete protection and a rapid response to every situation.

NB. It is essential to ensure that the supply voltage is the same as that of the lock

itself, otherwise malfunctions or damage to the lock could occur.

Alarm functions for optimal security

LaSBoard III features two useful alarm functions to ensure complete protection: The first, called

' Failed Access Alarm ', is activated after ten consecutive failed attempts to enter a PIN code,

card or fingerprint within ten minutes. This early warning helps identify and flag potential

unauthorized access attempts. The second function, called 'Forced Opening or Door Detection

Long Open ', comes into action when the door condition is violated, such as in the case of an opening

forced or prolonged. However, this function is only active if the system is connected to an external magnetic contact

Versatile Access Control for Single Doors

The SBoard-III is a compact single door access control board , designed to fit into limited spaces.

Powered by 12V alternating or direct current (AD/DC), it guarantees installation flexibility.

With 26 to 44, 56, 58 and 64 bit Wiegand inputs, it offers compatibility with a variety of access devices.

Furthermore, it can be integrated with an external alarm for greater safety and protection of the environments.

Various Application

This product is widely applied in access control system and related applications,

for example electric magnetic lock , access control systems , video surveillance systems

or in any application with voltage lower than 2A.

Advanced User Management
  • Remote User Management : Authorize and manage access from anywhere, updating the system without physical intervention.
  • Adding/Deleting Card Users : Administrators can easily edit the user list by adding or removing access via the app.
  • Access with Time Limits : Set specific time limits for access for individual users or groups, ideal for regulating access based on times or particular events.
  • Temporary Code Generation : Create temporary passwords to provide temporary access to guests or temporary users, increasing security without the need for permanent cards or PINs.
  • Detailed Event Log : Track all login activity with a comprehensive event log, recording every unlock and failed alarm attempt.
  • User Data Transfer : Easily move user data between systems for more efficient management and data consistency, excluding data you don't need.
Features and Functionality:
  • 1000 hardware users, 500 APP users
  • Add/Delete users via Tuya Smart or Smart Life APP
  • Can set time restrictions for users
  • It is possible to connect the external door opener button
  • It is possible to connect the door contact (door open or door closed).
  • LED output for display on the player
  • Adjustable output via jumper
  • The voltage is switched directly (factory setting) or via a potential-free relay contact
  • Pulse 1-99 seconds or dynamic ON-OFF-ON-OFF...
  • Power failure-proof EEPROM memory
  • Wiegand input 26~44, 56, 58 bit with or without PIN code keypad, magnetic card reader, fingerprint readers, biometric locks etc...

Product Details
Tuya-sboard-III WIFI

Data sheet

12V DC
Working humidity
0% - 90% non-condensing
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
91x48x20 mm
Communication Protocol
Maximum output current
One (NO, NC, COM)
Remote control
Electrical connections
Relay output, exit button, alarm, door contact, Wiegand input
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