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Tuya Smart WiFi and Bluetooth Touch Dimmer Switch for Lights

tuya-WF-UD White

Smart switch to adjust the intensity of the light

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Tuya Touch Dimmer Switch Smart WiFi and Bluetooth to Adjust the intensity of the Light

Increase or decrease the intensity of the light in the room, activate or deactivate scenes

light or create the best lighting based on the time of day.

Modern design smart touch WiFi + Bluetooth dimmable lighting switch ,

lighting and dimming function, time planning function,

function of turning on and off the backlight of the buttons on the switch,

compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant .

Convenient and customizable control

Convenient connected switches give you instant control of lights throughout your home.

The right light, every time

Easily change the light scene of the room or get the right light based on the time of day.

The touch sensitive dimmable light switch will allow for convenient lighting or dimming

of lighting in the home via a wireless Wi-Fi interface and a mobile application.

Smart Control via APP

Manage your home lighting via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app on your smartphone.

Using the application, you can easily control the change in lighting status

in the house or set a timer for their automatic control.

You can check the lighting status of your home at any time and, thanks to remote access,

you can control it with just one touch, wherever you are.

Voice Control

the smart light switch works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to easily control your

light with simple voice command while your hands are full or when it's dark in your room, that's it

ask " Alexa or Google, turn on the light ". porch light, bedroom light dim 60%".

Manual control

With manual control, you turn on the light with a light touch on the central wheel as on a normal one.

1-100% dimmable and memory function

Adjust the dimming range of the light to a certain percentage by moving your finger up or

down or via app or voice. The unit can remember and return to the last setting after shutdown.

Use the right bulb

Only use the switch for dimmable 150W compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), 150W LED light

and 400W incandescent (INC), otherwise it will burn out the lamps after using incompatible models.

Customizing Scenes

Group your Smart Switch with other TUYA SMART devices to program customized scenarios.

Activate your favorite lights and light scenes with a single touch to adapt them to your daily habits.

Time planning Using the app

You can program the lighting or regular dimming, which can be an excellent weapon against burglars in your absence.

The device can also be connected to other switches to create so-called smart scenarios,

in which it is possible, for example, to close the shutters when leaving the house with a single click,

or automatically open the shutters after opening the door.

Great Design for your Home

The three touch button switch has a gentle circle-shaped backlight,

which can be operated even in the dark.

By intelligently varying the intensity of the light through the dimmer, energy savings are ensured.

It can only be connected to 2.4GHz WiFi (not 5GHz) and requires a neutral wire.

Functions and Features:

  • Smart Wall Wi-Fi Touch Dimmer Light Switch Controlled by App, Touch or Voice Control from anywhere where internet is available
  • Support for voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home services Visible on/off status
  • The function of turning on and off the backlight of the buttons on the switch
  • Possibility of control via a key ring with remote controller
  • Schedule timer Creation of so-called smart scenarios
  • Free mobile application for iOS and Android devices Tuya Smart or Smart Life
  • Lightly touch the central wheel to turn the light on like a normal switch, the outer wheels act as a dimmer you can instantly see the change of the lighting status in the mobile application, whether it was turned on/off by touch, voice or via the application
  • Easy installation into existing electrical junction box in the wall.

Product Details
tuya-WF-UD White

Data sheet

95~240VAC, 50~60HZ
Working temperature
da -10 a 60
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
Communication Protocol
Maximum Load for Dimmable Bulbs
max 150W
Maximum load per LED
max 400W
Assembly Box
503 120mm

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tuya-WF-UD Bianco
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