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Tuya Smart ZigBee and RF433 2CH Relay Module


Two Channel Low Voltage Zigbee Switch

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Tuya Smart ZigBee Two-channel low voltage relay module with 3 operating modes

Two-channel ZigBee low voltage switch with 3 operating modes (Inching, Self-locking, Interlock),

remotely controlled via mobile application on smartphone or tablet.

Mode setting option :

Inching = for pulse switching, you can choose between two wiring modes, Turn on 1s and then auto-off - Turn off 1s and then auto-on

Self-locking = for switching devices on and off - each channel is switched on and off separately

Interlock = if one of the relays is switched on, it will switch off when the other relay is switched on.

COM, NC and NO abbreviations (relay in standby - coil without voltage):

COM = power supply contact on relay

NC = the contact is closed in the rest state

NO = the contact is open in the rest state

The output relay can switch voltage-free signals, e.g. connection of two voltage-free relay contacts.

The output relay can switch a maximum voltage of 230V AC with a maximum current load of 10A .

The switch can be powered by a 5V micro USB connector (phone charger), etc., or by a 7-32V AC / DC adapter .

The switch supports the Zigbee 3.0 protocol and a ZIGBEE HUB is required for operation

The switch (relay contacts) can be connected in parallel to the control of an existing garage door , for entrance gates,

lights , fans , humidifier , thermostat , etc.

This Zigbee switch switches pulses, e.g. the relay contact closes and the contact returns after a certain time.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with different hubs, including Sonoff, Amazon Hub, Samsung SmartThings Hub, Philips Hue, Tuya.

Support remote power on or off function of connected devices, for excellent lights, electric chains,

electric cooker, electric curtain, garage door, access control, remote control on PC, etc.

The Zigbee switch can be remotely controlled via a smart mobile application on a smartphone.

Tuya Smart or Smart Life smart mobile application, available for android and Ios, let you control

and manage the Relay from anywhere in the world only with the help of your Smartphone .

Voice control support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant .

Functions and Features

Remote access

Control devices connected to the switch from anywhere you have an Internet connection using an application available on your phone.

RF433 mode

With built-in 433Mhz RF receiver , it supports 433Mhz RF fixed learning.

You can Add remote controls by pairing them with RF433.

Planning function

Voice control with support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Support for Tuya Smart or Smart Life application.

Mobile applications eg Android , iOS .

Suitable, for example, for switching commands for garage doors or entrance gates.

To operate the ZigBee devices, a ZIGBEE GATEWAY HUB is required

Technical features

Template Tuya Smart Zigbee + RF433 2CH Door Opener Relay
Number of Channels 2
Supply voltage 5V DC or 7-32V AC / DC
Maximum switched voltage 230 V AC
Maximum switched current
Communication Protocol Zigbee 3.0
Voice control support Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant
Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 60 ° C
Working humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 105X32X16 mm

Product Details

Data sheet

Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
RF 433MHz
Number of Channels
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