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Radiator Kit Complete with 5 Beca Thermostatic Valves + Gateway

Beca - kit valvole

ZigBee Thermostatic Valves Kit for radiator temperature control + Gateway

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Kit Includes:

5 ZigBee thermostatic valves for radiator temperature control +

Smart Tuya Zigbee 2.4 Gateway Wireless Hub BWSG-200

BECA BRT-100ZB ZigbBee Thermostatic Valve for Radiator Control

The Thermostatic Valve are devices that are applied to each individual radiator to regulate its temperature .

They thus create a significant advantage in terms of heat management and savings.

The Beca BRT-100ZB is a valve whose activation can be conveniently adjusted

and controlled by means of devices connected to the local network uses the protocol

ZigBee (a ZigBee wireless standard that does not burden the existing home WiFi network).

Compatible with Smart Life Tuya APP Alexa Google, Tuya ZigBee Hub.

It adapts, thanks to the standard connection as well as the adapters present in the package,

instead of the classic thermostatic regulation valves.

Their regulation allows to have an adequate (different) temperature in each room .

The thermostatic head is combined with the thermostatic valves.

It is a sensor that works in a coordinated way with the valve itself, as it measures the temperature

environment, and when this has reached the value we have pre-set, it directs the heat to the other radiators.

Main features:

  • Excellent Valve Compatibility : With 5 different adapters, compatible with 7 valve types, suitable for most usage scenarios
  • Minimal Design : Mini elegant curved design with extremely graceful arc shape and rubber elastic color that goes well with any decorating style.
  • Eco mode : Long battery life of the product thanks to the power saving mode, which far surpasses similar products, achieving real energy savings. Check the residual power of the heating thermostat via the mobile phone. (Note: batteries not included).
  • Easy to read temperature data : The new design optimizes the original position of the screen and moves the screen to the top circular part of the product, for easier reading, window control and temperature curve diagram are added in the app to monitor in real time the room temperature.
  • Remote Control via Tuya ZigBee Wireless Gateway : The Tuya ZigBee Wireless Hub is required to connect the valve, many other Tuya ZigBee Smart products and and realize all the connection of your Smart Home devices.
  • Support app control via your smartphone,
  • Voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant after connecting the valve with the Tuya / Smart Life application.

BWSG-200 Wireless Hub Gateway

It is a mini Smart Gateway

It consists of a highly integrated Wi-Fi module, a low energy consumption Zigbee module and PCBA.

It can be connected to Tuya Smart APP for adding, restoring, third-party control and Zigbee group control of the device, meeting the requirements of the smart home.

Voice Control: After connecting the smart devices with Tuya app, you can get the voice control via the smart voice assistant such as Alexa and Google Home. Group control function: one gate-way can connect multiple smart home products, but please note that this product is a version with ZigBee connection.


1. Extensive Usage : Adding devices, restoring devices, third-party control and group control to meet the needs of smart applications are all supported by the hub. Simply use your smartphone to control the remote security kit system connected to the hub anytime, anywhere.

2. A must for all Tuya ZigBee devices: This is a hub that connects to a variety of Tuya WiFi smart ZigBee products (such as sensors, lights, switches, etc.) The maximum quantity is 50 and is the bridge as well as a control center for smart homes, which plays an irreplaceable role for all ZigBee products.

3. Easy to assemble and configure: the smart gateway hub is designed without any wiring and extremely quick and easy WiFi setup, without professional technical skills. Mini shape, elegant craftsmanship, can be matched with any family style.

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Beca - kit valvole
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