WiFi Thermostat Beca BAC-2000ALW Fan Coil

Beca BAC-2000ALW Bianco

WiFi thermostat for 2-pipe air conditioners control

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Beca BAC-2000 WiFi touch screen thermostats are designed for the control of air conditioners.

The Wi-Fi thermoregulation system of the Beca BAC-2000 thermostat allows you to configure the comfort of your home at any time with a simple click from your smartphone or tablet thanks to a dedicated My Beca Smart app for iOS and Android.

In fact, with the Beca BAC-2000 Wi-Fi thermostat you can transform your smartphone or tablet into a remote control system and manage your system even remotely.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, this thermostat will allow you to constantly monitor your system, maintaining the most comfortable temperature while saving energy.

Furthermore, by taking advantage of the Wi-Fi network you can control and regulate the comfort of home wherever you are in a quick and extremely intuitive way.

With an elegant and essential design it integrates perfectly into any environment allowing you to adjust your air conditioning system with a simple click

System operation diagram and wiring diagram (2 pipes):

Two pipes use the same piping system for cooling and heating.

It can save on investment costs and reduce maintenance.

It is a control method commonly used in air conditioning systems, but it cannot meet the needs of annual air conditioning systems.

The principle of operation of the two pipes: chilled water from the freezing station and hot water from the heat exchange station are combined on the main air conditioning water supply pipe, and cold and hot water are used in the same pipeline through the changeover valve.


WiFi temperature control , for Android and for iOS WIFI control.

Remote control via mobile application or computer (WIFI), manage the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world.

Programmability: 5 + 2 programmable periods maximize comfort and economy. programs guarantee a comfortable temperature, more options, more flexible; Support device sharing.

Accurate temperature: 1 ° C Accuracy keeps the temperature within the set level;

Data memory when the power is off; ℃ or ℉ can be customized; No limits to add rooms and support Smart Scenes.

Technical features

Sensor NTC
Precision ± 0.5 ℃
Diet 110-240 Vac / 50-60 hz
Temperature range 5-35 ℃
Energy consumption <1.5 W
Installation 86X86mm or 60mm European round box
Timing error <1%
Material PC + ABS
Electric charge 3A for the valve 5A for the fan
Ambient temperature 0 ~ 45 ℃, 5 ~ 95% RH non-condensing

BECA BAC-2000 Voice Control Two Pipe Four Pipe Zigbee Fan Coil Programmable Room Thermostat-Xiamen Beca Energysaving Technology









BECA BAC-2000 Voice Control Two Pipe Four Pipe Zigbee Fan Coil Programmable Room Thermostat-Xiamen Beca Energysaving Technology

Product Details
Beca BAC-2000ALW Bianco

Data sheet

Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol

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BAC-2000ALW Bianco
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