Flowclear Bestway 58381 Cartridge Filter Pump


Filter Pump With Cartridge

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Bestway Cartridge Filter Pump

The cartridge filter pump is the ideal solution for your above ground pool

Pump flow rate (capacity): 1.249 L / h

Integrated pool capacity (system flow rate): 1,060 L / h

Compatible cartridge: 58093

For use with 1,100-8,300 liter pools

Flowclear Cartridge Filter Pump 1.249 L

Ideal solution for cleaning your pool!

Flowclear filter pumps offer filtration suitable for all types of above ground pools.

Bestway's high standards make the pump capable of filtering all the water inside the pool at least once every 8 hours.

The Flowclear pump with water flow rate 1,249 L per hour is the ideal solution for pools from 1,100 - 8,300 L.

Thanks to it, in fact, your above ground pool will always have clear water for the health and safety of the whole family.

The product works with TYPE I cartridges.

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