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Tuya Smart WiFi Pet Food Dispenser with Integrated IP Camera


Smart WiFi automatic food dispenser with integrated IP camera, volume 4 litres

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Tuya Smart WiFi automatic food dispenser for dogs and cats with integrated IP camera, 4 liter volume

Do you want your dog or cat to have exactly the portion of granules it needs?

An excellent solution is the smart WiFi kibble dispenser with integrated IP camera ,

which will ensure a perfect nutrition plan.

is a latest generation smart WiFi food dispenser for dogs and cats with integrated IP camera controllable from

remote via app , which allows you to take care of your furry friend even when you can be with him.

Thanks to this smart and designer home accessory, you will never have to worry about your dog being hungry

or need anything else, this intelligent dispenser with integrated IP camera guarantees

a complete connection with your pet wherever you are.

You can observe him, reward him with a treat, take videos and photos.

Simply, online in an app on your smartphone.

Simple control via smartphone

The application is compatible with all Android or iOS phones.

Its advantage is simple and intuitive control. Get an overview of what's happening in your home while you're away.

The smart mobile application Tuya Smart or Smart Life allows control and control of your home from any

part of the world using only the Internet and your mobile phone. You don't need any control unit or "gateway".

Each device has all the necessary components for communicating with your mobile phone via the Internet (cloud).

Large capacity removable and washable

The removable pet food bucket is convenient to disassemble and clean,

It is made of food grade ABS material, it is eco-friendly and durable.

Camera and two-way audio

120 degree angle, high definition night vision camera, two-way voice, interaction with your pet

It is more "acoustic and engaging", you can use it to eat, and love your pet.

10 second voice recording clip to stay in touch with your pet, thus improving your relationship

with your pet, allowing your pet to be fed regularly and feel safe and well cared for.

Manual control

The ability to fill the tray with dry food with one click in the application.

It is possible to select the number of portions for a single action (from 1 to 10 portions)

Scheduled work

With simple actions in the application, you can set a feeding schedule (hours and minutes) and

set the number of portions for each discharge.

The feeder holds up to 4 liters of dry food with the number of servings for each shipment.

Suitable for various dry foods with possible diameter of the pieces is up to 10 mm in diameter.

Functions and Features
  • FULL HD Wi-Fi camera with 2.0 MPx resolution: a smart camera that allows you to monitor your pet even when you are away from it. Simply via your mobile phone.
  • Taking photos : Capture all the wonderful moments. Yes, you can easily capture every moment and share it with your friends right from your phone.
  • Listen and talk : The microphone and speaker ensure seamless communication between you and your pet. For example, if you are at work, just turn on the microphone and your pet will hear you and you will hear it. All this in real time.
  • Fun and Reward : Play together with your pet. Encourage your dog to come to the dispenser and reward him with a good portion of pellets or just one piece. Use the app to release a portion of granules with just one button. From anywhere!
  • Dosing granules : You can easily set up a feeding plan in the application. For example. 9:00 release 5 pieces of granules, at 11:00 release 3 pieces of granules, etc.
  • Check your pet's diet! You will benefit from his condition . The feed dispenser is an increasingly appreciated piece of equipment among farmers, not only for its ease of use and time saving, but also for the possibility of completely controlling the animal's eating habits. If your four-legged friend has a recommended diet, with the dispenser you can easily ensure that he receives exactly the amount of food that his state of health requires . You can set a time for each portion or unlock the dispenser at the moment and your mazel will receive the portion set on the bowl.
  • Automatic scale : the dispenser has an integrated scale, thanks to which you will be informed about the status of the granules in the container.
  • Patented feed passage: The internal mechanism prevents food from getting wet and sticking. The rotating silicone motor ensures optimal feed passage and therefore food does not stick or get stuck in the device.
  • WiFi Connection : A wireless connection that allows you to connect anywhere.
  • Remote Control - Easy control via Tuya Smart or Smart Life app. The application is compatible for both Android and iOS and its operation is very intuitive.
  • The simple handling and easy maintenance of the dispenser are everything you want for your home . The design processing of the WiFi Smart dispenser brings you a clean classic. The simple black and white design ensures that nothing will disturb the look of your interior. Simplicity is also a sign of easy handling and clear control, which every user will appreciate, especially on busy days. Removable granule box and bowl allow for quicker handling and easy cleaning.

Which breed is it suitable for?

Determining suitability for a particular dog is always very difficult, as every dog is different.

It depends above all on the temperament and sensitivity of the dog in question.

Product Details

Data sheet

DC 5V 1A
Working temperature
Working humidity
5% - 95% non-condensing
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Suitable for
24x24x37 cm
Item weight
2.75 kg
Pixel Camera
2.0 Mega Pixel camera
Chip Camera
1/2.7" 2235 HD CMOS sensor.
Camera lens
3.8mm lens
Video process
Image Stream
Main stream: 1920×1080; Secondary stream: 320×240
Frame rate
Communication Protocol
Support SD Card
It supports up to 64G
6 litres
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