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Tuya Outdoor Wireless PIR Detector with Pet Immunity


Pet Immune Outdoor Detector

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Pet Immune Outdoor Wireless PIR Motion Detector

The motion sensor is ideal for its detection range of up to 12 meters and an opening of 110º for

be used in outdoor or indoor environments where there are small animals. It has a wide angle

opening and range to protect large areas that you want to protect with your alarm system .

The system uses an infrapassive sensor with PIR element and automatic temperature compensation

environment, ensuring constant sensitivity. The evaluation of the alarm state is completely digital,

which contributes significantly to the prevention of false alarms.

When using infrapassive sensing in an outdoor environment, however, you need to hold

account for an increase or decrease in the sensor range at extreme outside temperatures.

110° detection

The detector detects movement at an angle of 60 degrees vertically and 110 degrees horizontally

with a maximum range of up to 12 meters. If there is movement in the area monitored by the detector,

sends a signal to the central unit indicating the disturbance of the space.

Immune to small pets

The sensor works by detecting the heat emitted by human or animal bodies, i.e. it is an infrared sensor.

Thanks to its detection algorithm , it can distinguish whether the detected heat corresponds to a small

animal or is it really an intruder. In this way you will avoid false alarms in its detection.

Easy Installation

The detector screws to the wall and includes a swivel joint for convenient viewing angle adjustment.

The advantage of this device is not only its technical characteristics, but also ease of use

installation that does not require modification after assembly. Thanks to the wireless design, installation is very easy.

Nutrition and Design

The detector is powered by 2 lithium batteries (3.6 V), included in the package. It can be used outdoors and has

low battery consumption to allow for extended continuous use of up to 24 months.

Thanks to its size, design and sophisticated PIR technology, it is suitable for surveilling any interior.

Simply pair it easily with your WiFi or GSM alarm system head unit.

Functions and Features:

  • Outdoor wireless PIR motion sensor with pet alarm suppression
  • Immune against small animals up to 25 kg
  • A wide viewing angle of 110° and a range of up to 12m
  • The detector design is based on advanced signal processing from a high resolution sensor.
  • Built-in internal transmitting antenna , long distance transmission up to 200m
  • Increased resistance to interference and false alarms
  • Temperature auto-compensation function that maintains accurate sensing capability over a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • The sensing function is based on capturing changes in the movement of bodies emitting a different temperature from ambient temperature.
  • If a person enters the detection field, the sensor immediately sends an alarm signal to the evaluation centre.
  • IP65 external protection
  • Compatible with Tuya WiFi and GSM alarm system

Installation Guide:

  • The recommended installation height is between 1.80m and 2.40m.
  • It has a detection angle between 70 and 80º from the ground.
  • If you install two or more detectors in the same area, adjust the position of each to avoid interference with each other.
  • Avoid high voltage lines in its detection range.
  • Do not point the detector at sources of cold or warm air.
  • Avoid directs the detector through glass doors or windows.
  • Install the detector on stable surfaces.
  • Do not point the detector at the sun's rays.

Product Details

Data sheet

3.6V 1/2AA lithium battery
Working temperature
da -10 a 60
Working humidity
5% - 95% non-condensing
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Standby current
Communication Protocol
RF 433MHz
Wireless transmission range
Up to 200 meters in open space
Alarm indicator
Detection range
Up to 12 meters
Detection angle
Maximum Communication Distance
100 - 150 Meters in Open Spaces
2/3 pulses for option
Alarm current
Installation height
Drilling speed
Detection in 0.2-3.5m/s
Pet immunity
Up to 25kg
Alarm time
2 seconds
Temperature compensation
Anti white light
-10000 LUX
Anti EMI
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