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  • 6 Pin Strip to Strip 12mm COB and SMD RGB+CCT LED Connector
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  • COB RGBCCT LED Strip with 840 LEDs per Meter DC24V 5 Meters
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6 Pin Strip to Strip 12mm COB and SMD RGB+CCT LED Connector


Double Quick Connector with Cable for RGB+CCT LED Strips

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Quick Connector with Cable for 12mm 6-pin COB and SMD RGB+CCT LEDs

6 Pin double-sided connector with cable to connect the COB and SMD RGB+CCT LED strip without the need for soldering.

Designed for LED strips with a PCB width of 12mm, it allows for simple and effective connection

of two sections of LED strip , ensuring the durability of the connection. It is ideal for lighting installations

simple and quick where both aesthetics and functionality are important. Using strip connectors

LED you will have full freedom to expand your installation without the need for soldering.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with 6-pin COB RGB+CCT and SMD RGB+CCT LED strips, 10mm width, maximum current 6A.

Design Flexibility

Connect two parts of your RGB LED strip or move them to any desired angle, allowing

Easy installation in linear , U-shaped or right-angle configurations.

Easy to use

Thanks to our Double Connector with Cable, quickly and easily connecting two LED strips becomes a breeze

as kids. Compatible with 5V, 12V and 24V DC SMD strips and COB chips with 12mm width, eliminates the need

of complex welds. Simply slide the strip into the connector and pinch the connection plates

metal clips with pliers to secure the connector, ensuring a secure and stable connection . The shell

transparent offers optimal light transmission and ensures a clear view of the connection.

Resistant and Durable

High-quality transparent material makes the connector resistant to drops and shocks, providing long-lasting performance .

Quick connectors help you save labor , materials, time and costs.

Wide Application

Ideal for extending LED strips, creating corners or configuring complex layouts without interruptions in brightness .

Perfect for home decorations and large-scale architectural lighting, offering a practical solution for your projects.

Suitable for COB and SMD LED light strips

COB light strip is the latest type of light strip that emits light without pinholes.

Most of the light strips on the market belong to SMD light strips .

Compatible with:

COB RGBCCT LED Strip with 840 LEDs per Meter DC24V 5 Meters

Main characteristics of the connector:

  • Compatible with COB and SMD LED strips with 12mm PCB width
  • For RGB+CCT LED strips
  • Stable and durable connection via clamp
  • The small size allows installation in hard-to-reach places
  • High current carrying capacity (up to 6 A)
  • Perfect for use on aluminum profiles

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DC5V, 12V, 24V
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