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Quick Connector for 12mm RGBW 5-pin COB and SMD LED Strips


4in1 Solderless Connector for 12mm RGBW LED Strip

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Solderless Quick Connector for 12 mm 5 Pin COB and SMD RGBW LED Strips

The 12mm 5-Pin Solderless Quick Connector for COB and SMD RGBW LED Strips is an innovative solution for

lighting This connector offers a safe and reliable connection between two sections of LED strips, without the need

of welds, making it ideal for home and commercial lighting projects where ease of installation and

the quality of light are essential. Thanks to the advanced technology of " Pierce to contact " (IDC connection),

This connector ensures a continuous and reliable connection of the LED strips , without interruptions.

4 in 1 Quick Connector

This fast connector offers a variety of functions, thanks to its ability to connect different configurations

of LED strips and power cables: from COB LED Strip to COB LED Strip; from SMD LED Strip to LED Strip

SMD; from LED Strips to Power Cable to bend the connection; from Power Cord to Power Cord

diet. With versatile application, it is the best 5 Pin connector for flexible COB light strips

12 mm monochrome and common SMD flexible tapes with different quantities of LEDs , offering flexibility and

Ease of use for a wide range of lighting projects.

Ultra Thin

The ultra-thin, low-profile design allows this connector to fit snugly even in gaps

narrower , such as aluminum channels and grooves on furniture. Made with high quality materials, such as

copper pin, and compatible with high-quality COB LED strips, this connector ensures reliable and long-lasting performance.

Its installation is child's play

No complicated tools are needed, just insert the LED strip into the connector and secure it with light pressure.

Thanks to Pierce to contact technology (IDC connection), the conductor penetrates the PCB to conduct current between

light strip segments, ensuring a stable and secure connection that does not interrupt the continuity of the LED light .

Wide Applications

Supports high current up to 3~24V/5A, it is important to check whether the PCB light strip can

support 5A by using thick conductor , otherwise it may cause damage to the light strip.

Compatible with:

COB RGBCW LED Strip with 896 LEDs per Meter DC24V 5 Meters

How to use the connector to connect 12mm wide COB strips?
  1. Turn the connector over so that the floating cover side is facing outward.
  2. Hold the corner of the connector with your left hand so that the connector has an upside down shape.
  3. Hold the LED light strip sections in your right hand so that the LED part of the light strip is facing you.
  4. First insert the light section through the top entry of the connector downwards. Close the movable transparent cover.
  5. Then insert the other light section through the other entrance until it is as close as possible to the first light strip. Close the other transparent cover to complete the connection.
How to use the connectors for a normal 12mm wide SMD 5050 light strip?
  1. Refer to steps 1 to 3 of installing COB strips above.
  2. Insert two sections of the 5050 light strip into the ends of the connector so that the connector PIN lines up with the solder points on the light strip.
  3. Close the transparent cover to complete the connection.

Quick Connector for COB and SMD LED Strips 2-pin Single Color 10mm.jpg

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