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Tuya Smart WiFi Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Siren


Battery-powered smoke detector with 80db siren

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Tuya Smart WiFi Battery-Powered Photoelectric Smoke Detector with 80db Siren

Improve the security of your home with our Battery-Powered Smart WiFi Photoelectric Smoke Detector with 80dB Siren.

The Intelligent Detector is designed to detect even the smallest smoke signals , ensuring a quick and efficient response

reliable in case of emergency. Thanks to the 360° photoelectric sensor , every corner of your home is under the maximum

protection. With the Tuya Smart or Smart Life App, you will receive real-time notifications on your smartphone whenever

a potential fire or change of state is detected. You can also control and turn off unwanted alarms

with a simple touch, wherever you are. Our detector comes with a built-in 80 dB siren , which is quite powerful

to notify all family members in case of emergency. And with the device sharing feature, you can

ensure that your loved ones are informed in case of danger. Thanks to its easy ceiling installation and long life

of battery , our smoke detector is an ideal choice for homes, offices, warehouses and more.

Smart Fire Detector

The photoelectric smoke detector uses a beam of light inside a detection chamber.

When smoke particles enter the chamber, they scatter light, triggering an alarm . This

technology is particularly effective at detecting slow-burning or smoldering fires.

Remote Fire Monitoring

The Smoke Detector can be connected with the Tuya Smart or Smart Life APP. When the smoke detector

detects a potential fire or smoke, sends real-time alerts to your smartphone, allowing you to

take action immediately, whether you are at home or away. You can easily turn off alarms

unwanted via the app , without having to press the off button.

Create your own Home Security System

Discover our intelligent fire detectors, they can generally be interconnected with other smoke detectors

or gas present in your home, so if an alarm is triggered, all interconnected alarms sound,

providing timely warning to everyone in the house.

Integrated siren

When this WiFi smoke detector detects smoke, the red LED light flashes and beeps

I continue at 80 decibe l, loud enough to alert anyone in the room!

Device sharing

After the smoke detector has been connected to the Tuya app on your mobile phone, you can send the link to a family member

or friend via the "device sharing" function and, after they have accepted it, everyone can

receive the notification message when the smoke detector is in Alarm state.

Create Intelligent Scenarios

The WiFi Smoke Detectors can be integrated with your existing smart home ecosystem.

This integration allows them to work with other devices such as smart lights ,

Security cameras and Alarm Kits to improve security and home automation.

Battery operated

Powered by a replaceable 6LR61 lithium battery helps extend the life of the smoke detector,

with notifications via the application in case of low battery.

Wide range of applications

Smart Smoke Detectors are widely used in the fields of fire prevention,

including houses, warehouses, hotels, factories, shops...

Features and Functionality:
  • Connection to the Tuya Smart or Smart Life Application with instant alarm notifications.
  • High sensitivity , low power consumption, strong stability.
  • Ultra long-lasting battery power.
  • Ceiling installation.
  • Live alarm with ultra loud siren .
  • 360* all-round alarm.
  • ABS flame retardant shell material.
  • They use a high-performance microprocessor.
  • Dimensions: 107mm X 48mm

Product Details

Data sheet

6LR61 9V battery
Working temperature
Working humidity
5% - 95% non-condensing
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
107x48 mm
Operating current
Standby current
≤ 10uA
Communication Protocol
Acoustic alarm
All product reviews comply with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2161
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