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Tuya Smart WiFi Humidity and Temperature Sensor with Display


With Alarm Function Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

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Tuya Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor with alarm function

This smart temperature and humidity monitor incorporates highly sensitive sensors, which can

accurately detect changes in environmental temperature and humidity , and you can monitor in real time

the indoor environment remotely via the smartphone APP from anywhere. Intelligent connection of

scene , support custom scene settings, you can preset the threshold values of

temperature and humidity in the scene, it will send a warning message through the app when it reaches the threshold.

Compatible with Alexa and Google Home for voice control.

The sensor will report the temperature and humidity.

You can view the value changes on the Tuya Smart or Smart Life application or on the screen

of the display . Record changes in temperature and humidity on the app and use graphics to show them to you.

Real-time tracking design

Premium quality sensors ensure high accuracy of measurement data, help to monitor

accurately indoor temperature and humidity , creating a comfortable living environment,

no matter the weather is hot in summer or cold in winter.

Temperature and humidity alarm

If the current temperature or humidity exceeds the set threshold, the temperature and humidity sensor will alarm

automatically , the APP will send the message and the sensor will beep .

High precision

It adopts high-end temperature and humidity sensor with exquisite design, ART algorithm, high precision and high sensitivity.

Temperature unit change

You can switch the temperature unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius in the set.

Then press the reset button once, it will sync both on the screen and the app.

Temperature and humidity records

You can view the historical temperature and humidity data stored for 1 year and export them to your email address.

Create Intelligent Scenarios

Also, this temperature and humidity sensor can be used as a trigger (trigger) for operation

of other devices, e.g. The temperature is above 40 degrees, turn on the air conditioner , etc.

Power mode

There are two power supply modes: USB or LR03 battery . When using battery power,

data update signaling time is between 10 and 60 minutes, and when yes

uses USB power supply, data update reporting time is 2 minutes.

Large Digital Display

Equipped with a large digital display, it clearly indicates the temperature and humidity , and the

Large font design makes data visible at a glance.

Low voltage reminder

When the battery level is low, it will automatically remind you to change the batteries,

never worry about running out of battery.

Third-party voice support

This sensor is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant,

to inquire about the indoor temperature and humidity.

Wide applications

Suitable for bedrooms, cloakrooms, fruit warehouses, greenhouses, hatcheries,

laboratories, machine rooms, warehouses, cellars, etc.

Two installation methods

Easy to install , can be hung on the wall or placed directly on the table.

It is not only a temperature humidity sensor, but also a decoration.

Product Details

Data sheet

LR03 1.5V battery
DC 5V 1.0A, Micro USB
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
working current
Standby current
Communication Protocol
Humidity Measurement Range
0-100% RH
Humidity measurement accuracy
±5% RH
Temperature Measurement Range
Temperature measurement accuracy
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