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Tuya Smart Zigbee Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Probe


Digital Thermometer with Integrated Probe and Siren

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Tuya Smart Zigbee Digital Thermometer with Probe for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Take control of the microclimate of your home or office with the Tuya Smart Zigbee Digital Thermometer with Probe.

This intelligent digital sensor offers constant surveillance of temperature and humidity, ensuring a

optimal environment for you and your activities. Equipped with an extremely sensitive probe , this digital thermometer

constantly monitors changes in temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment. Thanks to its connectivity

Wi-Fi and the Tuya Smart application, you will receive real-time notifications on your phone whenever they are detected

significant changes in the microclimate. The Tuya Smart Zigbee Digital Sensor with Probe is the ideal solution

for precise and reliable monitoring of temperature and humidity. With advanced features, connectivity

intelligent and easy to use, it gives you complete control of the microclimate of your home or office .

Invest in your convenience and safety today with our smart digital sensor.

Intelligent Home Automation

Thanks to its connectivity and integration with the Tuya Smart and Smart Life apps, you can automate your routines

domestic with ease. Set intelligent scenarios such as automatically turning on the Thermostat when the temperature

is lower than 16°, guaranteeing an always comfortable environment. To manage the Tuya Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

via the app, it is necessary to connect it to a Zigbee hub that can be purchased in our Store . Sync multiple compatible devices

and control everything from your smartphone. Make your home smarter and more welcoming with our smart digital thermometer.

Real-time microclimate control

With the Tuya Smart Zigbee Digital Thermometer, you can monitor the microclimate of your home or work environment in

real time with extreme precision. This sensor not only measures temperature , but also humidity , allowing you

to maintain complete control over the surrounding environment. Equipped with an external probe , this thermometer allows you

to extend monitoring to refrigerators, freezers and other critical devices. The probe is waterproof and weatherproof

low temperatures , ensuring a stable and reliable connection even in adverse conditions. With an interval

Operating from -40°C to +125°C , it is perfect for a wide range of applications, including laboratories and machine rooms.

Setting the temperature threshold

Customize your temperature and humidity alerts using the Smart Life app, where you can set a

series of warnings with sounds and visual signals. When the temperature or humidity exceeds the set values , the

Your sensor will sound an alarm and send a direct notification to your mobile device. Furthermore, the display of the

sensor will flash to bring your immediate attention to the situation.

Voice Control

The Tuya Smart Zigbee Digital Sensor offers you intuitive voice control thanks to compatibility with

Amazon Alexa and Google Home . After a simple setup, you can instantly know the

current temperature and humidity simply by asking your favorite voice assistant .

LCD display

Enjoy a clear, instant view of current temperature and humidity with the Tuya Smart Zigbee sensor.

Featuring a large 3-inch LCD display , this sensor gives you an intuitive and effortless monitoring experience.

Powerful Sound Alert

The Smart Zigbee Digital Thermometer offers extra safety thanks to its loud 85 dB siren . This

powerful siren ensures that you will be promptly notified of any change in the microclimate of the place where it is installed

the sensor. You can easily set the upper and lower limit values for the temperature and humidity alarm via

the application. When the temperature or humidity exceeds the set values , the siren will sound immediately and

you will receive a notification on your smartphone , ensuring a quick and effective response to any critical situation.

Event recorder

With the Tuya Smart Zigbee Digital Thermometer , you have complete access to the history of temperature values

and humidity directly from the mobile application. You can view the entire data history for the period of

time you want, allowing you to monitor the evolution of the microclimate over time.

Reliable and Continuous Power with Backup Battery

This smart temperature sensor is powered by DC5V power adapter with USB port, ensuring

stable operation during regular use. In the event of an external power failure, the battery

backup can keep the sensor working for over 6 hours , ensuring that monitoring is not interrupted.

Easy installation

Installing the sensor is a breeze. Thanks to the magnet on the back, you can attach the sensor directly to any

surface without the need for additional tools. Alternatively, if you wish to place it on non-metallic surfaces, the sensor

It also comes with an included 3M adhesive film , allowing you to quickly and easily install it anywhere you want.

Product Details

Data sheet

DC 5V 1.0A, Micro USB
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
Zigbee 3.0
Battery capacity
3.7V/600mAh lithium battery
Humidity Measurement Range
Humidity measurement accuracy
±2% RH
Temperature Measurement Range
Temperature measurement accuracy
Acoustic alarm
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