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Tuya Reversible Smart WiFi Biometric Lock with Handle Lock


5-in-1 entry door lock

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Tuya Smart Wifi Lock for Entrance Doors with Reversible Handle 5 in 1

Tuya Smart Locks with handle are equipped with Wi-Fi connection and allow up to 5 opening methods.

Unlock via Tuya smart or Smart Life APP , fingerprint , IC card, password or spare key.

After registering your fingerprint, biometric technology with a recognition rate of 98% helps you not

Never carry the key with you to go out, mechanical keys only work as an emergency key or spare key.

Ideal for rental apartments where you provide the customer with an access code. You can also enrich your home with one

reliable , safe and modern lock. It supports a door thickness of 30 to 50 mm and is battery powered.

Smart control

Open your door automatically with the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app. From the application you can manage

dynamic keys, temporary keys, access control by name, date, time and type of access.

Biometric unlocking

Highly sensitive semiconductor 3D fingerprint sensor with FAR <0.001%, FRR <0.01% and

identification speed ≤ 0.5 s.

Unlock with Password

The backlit password keypad allows you to find your door lock and unlock it easily in the dark.

Support virtual password input to prevent your password from being known by others,

if your correct password is 123456 you can enter *** + 123456 + *** to open the door.

RFID cards

An electronic lock with autonomous operation that opens using a contactless RFID card .

User Capability

300 pieces of paper, password and fingerprint and a maximum of 9 group administrators .

Remote sharing code

Use this digital handle lock to generate a temporary code for your friends or tenants without

worry that they don't have a key. history records of all logins are archived and

you can control who comes in and out at any time via your mobile phone.

Easy to Install

Our fingerprint handle locks are easy to install.

The handle is reversible right or left depending on the position of the door.

Using Backup

If the batteries are flat you can unlock the lock with the 2 manual keys

emergency or using an external USB backup power supply. Suitable for door thickness from 30 to 50 mm

with lock body 5050 included. Powered by 4 AA LR6 batteries .

With bell button

Just press the # key to enable the doorbell function, a notification alert will be sent to the mobile APP.

The set includes:

  • External bar with handle and access control module
  • Internal bar with handle and battery container
  • Two keys
  • Two contactless cards
  • Locking plate intended for mounting on the door frame
  • Mounting elements
  • User Manual

Product Details

Data sheet

LR6 battery
Aluminum alloy + Acrylic
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
282x65x22 mm
Standby current
Communication Protocol
Unlock via
Fingerprint, Key, Password, App, RFID Card
System capacity
300 pieces, Fingerprint+password+Card
Door thickness
From 38-50mm
Lock body
5050 lock
Number of Administrators

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