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Tuya Smart WiFi Access Control with Touch Keyboard and Card Reader for Outdoors


Waterproof Access Control System with Fingerprint or Bell

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Tuya Smart WiFi Access Control System available with Fingerprint or Doorbell

If you are looking for a device with automatic door locking function, convenient access control and high

durability for a large number of users , you can't ignore this H3 access control system from Tuya. The Tuya control

accessi is much more than a simple access control keyboard. With support for up to 1000 users , cards and

local passwords , as well as additional features such as block logging and lockout function, this

device is the perfect solution for any access control need. One of the best features

Surprising about this device is its compatibility with the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app , which allows you to manage

easily log users, view access logs and more right from your smartphone. This makes the

access management easier than ever, allowing you to control and monitor your doors from anywhere.

Thanks to its ability to function as a Wiegand reader, it allows for seamless integration with others

access control system devices, thus expanding the possibilities of use and customization options.

Whether you are looking for a solution for your home , office or shop , Tuya's access control system offers

everything you need to ensure maximum safety and convenience. Choose security without compromises with Tuya .

Choose the Version that's right for you

Available in both fingerprint reader and doorbell versions , this device adapts to

your specific needs. If you need advanced biometric security , the version with fingerprint reader

digital is the ideal choice. If you prefer a more conventional solution with the added convenience of a

integrated bell , the version with bell is perfect for you.

Smart control

Thanks to its compatibility with the Tuya Smart and SmartLife apps, you can control the doors via WiFi directly

from your smartphone, with the ability to integrate and control vocally with Google Home and Amazon Alexa .

With the app, you can manage users, set passwords or fingerprints , monitor access, control...

remote doors, receive security notifications and customize system settings to suit

to your needs, all via your smartphone.

Version with Fingerprint

The Tuya access control system is equipped with an innovative biometric fingerprint reader that allows access to

100 users via fingerprint and 900 users via card or password . Thanks to the use of an advanced algorithm, this

reader ensures reliable security , high accuracy and excellent speed in matching detection.

Version with bell

The version of the Tuya access control system with integrated doorbell offers a complete solution for

security and access management. In addition to the standard features of the Tuya system, this version is

equipped with a bell that allows visitors to announce their presence, sending notifications to the App .

Customizable passwords

With the Tuya access control system, you have the ability to authorize access to each user with customizable passwords.

This system supports up to 900 passwords, allowing you to assign permanent or timed access based on your own

needs. You can easily set up passwords via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life application on your smartphone,

offering complete and flexible control over access to your facility.

Waterproof for indoor and outdoor use

Built with high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy, this device offers robust resistance to damage

external impacts and reliable protection against atmospheric agents, with an IP66 protection rating that

guarantees long-lasting operation even in adverse weather conditions.

Easy and Versatile Installation

The Tuya access control is powered by 12-18V and a relay output with NO/NC contacts. Compatible with a wide

range of electromagnetic locks , access control cards and exit buttons . Furthermore, it offers flexibility

to also connect a magnetic contact for greater safety and functionality.

Integrated anti-tamper acoustic alarm, which is activated when:
  • Leave the door ajar for 1-3 minutes;
  • the door is opened incorrectly, forced, broken in some way or due to a short circuit:
  • the access control body is removed (there is a sensor inside the device).
Package contents:
  • Code lock with RFID and fingerprint reader or doorbell
  • Mounting kit (screws and plugs)
  • main maps
  • Manufacturer's instructions for lock and application
Features and Functionality:
  • Independent controller with capacitive fingerprint sensor, touch keyboard and contactless reader;
  • The waterproof metal housing complies with IP66;
  • Suitable for installation in adverse weather conditions;
  • 1 relay, NO, NC, COM contacts.
  • Different access methods: with fingerprint, bell, card, code;
  • Tuya Smart or Smart Life mobile application for iOS and Android;
  • Ability to add/delete users from the application;
  • Possibility to open via the application;
  • View all events/openings;

Product Details

Data sheet

12-18V DC
Metal housing, zinc alloy
Working temperature
-30℃ ~+60℃
Working humidity
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
148x43.5x22 mm
Communication Protocol
Pin number
4~6 digits
RFID card
Up to 900
Fingerprint detection
up to 100 users
One (NO, NC, COM)
RFID frequency
Wiegand exit
26~44 bit, 56 bit, 58 bit
EM Cards Version
Wiegand 26~44 bit input and output
Mifare card version
Wiegand 26~44 bit, 56 bit, 58 bit input and output

Specific References

Tuya H3 EM+Mifare
All product reviews comply with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2161
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