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Heating Control Panel Beca DV8000 Smart Wifi


Temperature Command Center with 8 Zones

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Temperature Control Panel Beca DV8000 Smart Actuator 8 Zones

Underfloor heating controller designed for installation in electrical boxes, allows control

simultaneous operation of the central heating pump and a heating device.

This standard water line system has been specially developed to provide a control system

temperature gauge which allows you to control the temperature of the underfloor heating system.

The Beca smart DV8000 central unit facilitates the regulation of the room temperature in order to guarantee the optimal level.

Through it you maintain and adjust the values you set for the operation of the entire heating system.

When we get control of the underfloor heating system, we won't encounter any leaks!

Centralized Control can control 8 zones.

8-zone control unit for underfloor heating with wired communication with room thermostats,

with the function of supplying the circulation pump and controlling the central unit (boiler).

Depending on the set temperature , the control unit can command the start and stop of the system

gas heating, circulation pump and electric actuators so you can control

a higher level of comfort with efficient energy consumption.

Connected boilers and pumps

boilers and pumps turn on only when there is a heating demand in any zone and turn off

when there is no need for heating, effectively reducing energy consumption.

Add up to 8 Thermostats

The system allows the connection of actuators grouped in 8 independent temperature zones

controlled by a maximum of 8 thermostats and commands the start and stop of the unit e

electrically supplies the circulation pump.

This ensures the best possible comfort conditions and also reduces energy consumption.

It is perfectly compatible with Beca Smart thermostats.

The main function of the Beca DV8000 command center is to control the actuators normally

closed (230V, 50 Hz) according to the required ambient temperature, with the aid of the ambient thermostats .

Also, the control center will start the boiler when it receives a request from any of the

room thermostats. Once the thermostats will not call for heat, depending on the position of the jumpers

P1 and P2 delays, the boiler will stop with a delay of 30, 45, 60, 120 seconds.

The control unit is controlled by a maximum 10A relay. The relay is designed for voltage free operation.

Another function of the command center is the control of the circulation pump .

The control center supplies voltage and starts the control panel when it receives the command from one

any of the room thermostats. Depending on the position of the delay jumpers P1 and P2,

the pump will stop with a delay of 30, 45, 60, 120 seconds.

The pump is powered controlled by a maximum 10A, 230V/50Hz relay.

Exit indication

Each output in the control center corresponds to a bright LED indicating operation.

When the Led is not lit, the element does not work.

When the Led flashes, it means a transitory period.

The RED Led on V1-V8 lit indicates the opening of the actuators and confirms the command of the thermostats.

Led 9-10 on, it means that the pump and the boiler have received the start command.

Easy maintenance

All cables are summarized in the center of the harness for easy inspection and maintenance.

Features and functionality :

  • It supports the command of up to 8 Beca smart thermostats
  • Control 8 independent frame zones
  • It supplies and controls the circulation pump of the underfloor heating system
  • Control the start/stop of the central unit (gas heating boiler)
  • Used to order underfloor heating actuators or motorized valves or valves (2-wire)
  • Status indicator LEDs for each connection (8 actuators, 1 for the pump, 1 for the boiler)

Product Details

Data sheet

170-240VAC 50/60HZ
Beca DV8000
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Communication Protocol
± 1°C
maximum 3A
Output contact
for pump power supply: relay type, maximum 10A, 230V/50Hz
Output contact
for central control: relay type, maximum 10A
Delay time set
up: 30, 45, 60, 120 seconds
- of 10W
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