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Tuya Smart Zigbee Outdoor Alarm Siren


110db outdoor siren with flashing LED

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Tuya Smart Zigbee Outdoor Siren with Flashing Light Remote Control by APP

Are you looking for an outdoor siren to secure your property? The Tuya Outdoor Siren

Smart Zigbee can meet your needs. The Tuya ZigBee siren is appreciated for its efficiency, it emits

a strong 110dB and bright signal in case of danger detected. This security alarm can be activated in

case of intrusion or attempted intrusion to warn the owners of the house and the neighborhood, and possibly to

scare away unwanted visitors. Equipped with Zigbee 3.0 technology and controllable via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app,

This siren offers an unparalleled level of security. The device is powered by 5V power supply and a backup battery.

Comes with necessary accessories for installation. You will also have a user manual to guide you.

To take advantage of the intelligent advantages of this siren, it is necessary to connect it to a ZigBee Hub .

Create your own Smart Alarm

The Tuya Smart siren works with a home automation Zigbee Hub and can be controlled from the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app.

Create custom scenes with Motion Sensors , Doors and Windows , Occupancy Sensors , Gas and Smoke Sensors, and more

even more. Customize your alarm system directly from the Tuya Smart application.

Strobe light

When the Tuya Smart Siren enters alarm mode, a powerful strobe light with a glow is activated

intense, flashing red. This feature not only adds an additional layer of deterrence to

intruders, but also offers a clear visual reference point to immediately locate the area

with the potential security threat in your home, even in the dark.

Loud siren sound

When the Tuya Smart Zigbee Outdoor Siren detects a threat, it immediately goes into action with a powerful

110 dB acoustic alarm . This extraordinarily loud sound is designed to scare potentials away

intruders and promptly alert everyone in the surrounding area to the presence of a security threat.

Use it as a burglar alarm

With the loud siren sound and flashing lights of the device, it will definitely scare away detected intruders and thieves!

Maximum Security on Your Porch

Expand your home defense by placing the Tuya Smart Zigbee Outdoor Siren on your porch. Thanks to

Its ease of installation, you can place this safety device anywhere you want, offering additional

protection for your home. By choosing to install it on your porch , you gain greater peace of mind knowing

that the perimeter of your home is guarded by a reliable alarm system .

Integrated anti-tamper

Our Tuya Smart Zigbee Outdoor Siren is designed to resist any attempt at manipulation

unsolicited. This means that even if someone tries to disassemble or remove the siren without your

consent, you will be promptly notified of the possible intrusion.

Push notifications

Receive instant notifications on your smartphone in case of alarm activation or low battery level,

ensuring you are always aware of the security status of your home.

Intelligent Integration

Thanks to its compatibility with other Zigbee devices, such as motion sensors , door/window sensors ,

Temperature Sensing , you can create customized scenarios for protection tailored to your needs.

Backup battery

Even in the event of a power failure, the siren continues to work thanks to the battery

integrated rechargeable backup (up to 12/24 hours), ensuring continuous protection.

Features and Functionality:
  • 110 dB alarm siren working with the Tuya Smart or SmartLife app (via a compatible Zigbee hub)
  • ZigBee alarm with battery backup
  • Remote siren monitoring and management with the “Smart Life” app.
  • One-touch connection, easy installation
  • Support scene setting with other devices such as door/window/motion sensor
  • Download real-time alarm information
  • Super loud sound with dazzling red light when the alarm is triggered
  • It works with Zigbee 3.0 technology
  • Battery backup with 350mA Li-H rechargeable battery


Product Details

Data sheet

Working temperature
from -10°C to +50°C
Working humidity
5% - 95% non-condensing
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
270x130x90 mm
Communication Protocol
Zigbee 3.0
Battery capacity
Built-in 3.7V 350mAh lithium battery
Acoustic alarm
User Manual Tuya Wifi Siren

User Manual Tuya Wifi External Alarm Siren

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